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Supervlsor~ i~ Attendance: <br /> <br />~r. Arthur ~. Warrun, <br />Mr. Edward B. Barber <br />Fi~. ~a~y G. Daniel <br />Dr. Freddie W. Nicholas, <br /> <br />Su~srwisors Absent: <br /> <br />Mr. J. L. McEale, III, Chairman <br /> <br />County Administrata~ <br /> <br />·taff in Attendance: <br /> <br />~r. ~, O. stith, Jr. <br /> Deputy Co. Admin., <br /> Co--unity Development <br /> <br />Tha Board of Supervisor~ mat with membero .of citizens for <br />Rempon~ible Government at the Chesterfield County Airport <br />Restaurant at ~:l~ a.m. for a ~reakfas= meetin~ to ~iscus~ <br /> <br />~rojo~t; cash prof~ero; re~l estate taxes; the capital Re~ien <br />The masting adjourned at ~:45 a.m. until october 26, 1994 at <br /> <br />Lanm'D. Ramsay <br />Coun%y Administrator <br /> <br />10/20/94 <br /> <br /> <br />