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DO,RD OF SUPERVISORS <br />October g, 1994 <br /> <br />~upervi~ors i~ Attehda~te~ <br /> <br />Mi. J. L. McCall, III, Chairman <br />Mr. Arthur S. Warren, vice Chrm. <br />Mr. Edward D. ~arber <br />Mr. Harry G. Daniel <br /> <br />Mr. Lane B. Ram~y <br /> <br /> Staff iR Attendance: <br /> <br /> Mr. John R. Boykin, Jr. <br /> Asst. Dir., General <br /> Servi~s <br />chief Robert L. ~a~e~, Jr., <br /> Fire Department <br /> Fn~. Michael Golden, Dir., <br /> Parks and Recreation <br /> ~r. Russell Harris, <br /> County Ombudsman <br /> MS. ~ary Lou Lyle, Dir., <br /> Accounting <br /> Mr. Robert L. Masden, <br /> Deputy Co. Admin., <br /> Human Services <br /> Mr. Gary R. McLsren, Dir., <br /> Economic Davelopmen~ <br /> Mr. Steven L. Miea~, <br /> County Attorney <br /> <br /> Public Affairs <br /> ~, ~here~a ~. Pitts, <br /> <br /> Mr. James ~. L. Stegmaier, <br /> <br />1. O~LL TO ORDER <br /> <br />~LT. ~c~ale called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. <br /> <br />~. CONSTD~TXON O~ APPOINTM~T OP M~TOAOA DISTRICT <br /> <br />Mr. Ramsay stated at the September 25, 199~ Soard meeting, Mr. <br />Harry Manchu.and Dr. Willian Edmonds were nominated to fill the <br />seat Of Matoaoa D~s~rict supervisor. He further et~ted under <br />the Board'~ Rules, the Board s~ould vote on th~ appointment of <br />these individuals based on the order in which they were <br />~o~i~at~d. He stat=d th~ first individual to reoeive at least <br />t~ree votes will D~ ~he Menoaca District supervisor. <br /> <br />Mr. HeHale called for the vote on the appointment of ~r, ~arry <br />Marsh to serve as Matoaca District Supervisor. <br /> <br />Mr. M~Male: Nay. <br />Mr. Warren: <br /> <br />Mr, Daniel: Aye. <br /> <br />Mr, Hc/~ale then called for the vote on the appointment of Dr. <br />Willia~ Edmond~ to serve a~ Matoaca District Supervisor. <br /> <br />94-714 10/6/94 <br /> <br /> <br />