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MA]~CM I~ J.994 <br /> <br />SUpervisors in ~ttenda~¢e~ <br /> <br />Mr. Whaley ~, Colbert, Chairman <br />Mr. J. L. McRale, III, Vice Chrm. <br />Mr. Arthur S. Warren <br /> <br />Supervisors Absent: <br /> <br />Mr. ~dward B. B=rbor <br />lTr. Harry G. Daniel <br /> <br />l~/~. La~e B. Ramsay <br />County Administrator <br /> <br />Legislators iH Attendance: <br /> <br />Senator Joseph B. Benedetti <br /> <br />Senator Stephan ~. Martin <br />Delegate Riley E. Ingra~ <br />Del~ate John C. Welkins <br /> <br />Staff in ~t~e~danco~ <br /> <br />~a, Marilyn Cole, Exeo. <br /> A~et. to County Admin. <br />~s. Mary Ann C~/rtin, <br /> <br />Ms. Doris OsHart, <br /> Asst. Co. Admin., <br /> Legis. aves. and <br /> Intergovern. Affairs <br />~r. Steven Micas, <br /> County Attorney <br /> <br />Dele~atlon for a breakfast meetinq at 7:30 a.m. to discuss the <br />status of the County's legislative ~ackage and House Bill 732, <br />Cancer Presumption for Firefighters; Rous~ Bill 678, School <br />~ealth Nurses; and senate Bill 513, Rich% to Farm; as well <br />ether legi~]&tive i~s~ss of mutual concern. <br /> <br />ThO BOard Of Supervisors recessed at approximately 9;00 a.m. <br />until ~:~0 p.m. for a join~ wor~ session wi=h the School Board <br />in t~e County's Administration Bu%ldi~g, Room 502. <br /> <br />YLr, Colbert called the joint Board of Supervisors/school Board <br />work eesoion =o order at 5:o0 p.m. in Room 502 of the County <br />Administration Building with the following present: <br /> <br />· upervt~or~ in Att~4a~ ~ou~t~ s~aff in At,madames: <br /> <br />~r, Whaley ~. Colbert, Chairman <br /> <br />Mr. Edward B. Barber <br />Mr. ~arry G. Daniel <br />Mr. Arthur s. Warren <br /> <br />~r. Lane B. ~amsey <br />County Administrator <br /> <br />Interim Dir.~ New~ & <br />Public Into. Services <br />Ms. Narilyn Cole, Exoo. <br />Assr. To County Adnin+ <br />Mr. Bradford S, H~mer, <br />Deputy Co. Admin., <br />~n~gement Services <br /> <br /> Deputy ¢o. Admin., <br /> <br />Mr. ~t~v~n L. Micas, <br />County Attorney <br /> <br /> Clerk to th~ Board of <br /> supervisors <br />Mr. Ja~s J. L. Steq~uaier, <br />'Dir., Budget and Mgmt. <br />Mr. ~. D, Sti%h, Jr., <br />Deputy co. Admin., <br />Community Development <br /> <br /> <br />