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~upervisQr9 ~D ~ttenda~ee~ <br /> <br />F~r. Whaley ~. Colbert~ Chairman <br />N-r. J. L. McMale; III, vine Chrm. <br /> <br />Mr. Harry G. Daniel <br />Mr. Arthur S. Warren <br /> <br />~, Lane B. Ramsay <br />County Administrator <br /> <br />staff in Attendance: <br /> <br />Ms. Marilyn Cole~ Exa¢. <br />Asst. to County Admin. <br /> <br /> A~nt. Cc. Admin., <br /> Legis. Svcs. and <br /> Interqover~. Affairs <br />Mr. Gary R. McLaren, bit., <br />=conomic Development <br />~. Steven L. Micas, <br />County Attorney <br />Mr. ~. D. stith, Jr., <br />DepUty CO. Admin., <br />Community Development <br /> <br />On F~iday, M~y 13~ 199~, members of the Chesterfield Board of <br />supervisors at=ende~ a R~gicnel Son, it with officials from the <br />city of Richmond and the Cnunties of ~anover and Henrico at the <br />Richmond Newspapers Operation~ Plant in ~anover County. <br /> <br />The purpose nf the Summit was to discuss a~d receive reports on <br />the following: <br /> <br /> Regional ~conomi~ Development Partnership <br /> <br /> Report from the Regional Crime Commission and the <br /> following four <br /> <br /> (1) Law Enforcement <br /> (2) Criminal Justice Reform <br /> (5) Juvenile Crime Issues <br /> (4) Buil4ing Healthy Communities end Familie~ <br /> <br /> Capital R~gten Airport Commissinn's Airport Master Plan <br /> Re~ert from th= Central Virginia Legislative Co~litinn <br /> Report on the Inter-City visit to Cincinnati, ohio <br /> <br /> Report on the visionin~ Project involving <br /> ~Dinistrutors <br /> <br />As a r~sult of th¢~e ~epert~ and di~cussiuns, the f011owlng <br />resolutions were presente4 and adopted: <br /> <br /> 1, METROPOLIT~N. EC0NOMI¢ DEV~LOPHENT ~RTNERSHIP <br /> <br /> WHERE~S, continuing ~¢onomin growth and de¥~lopment is <br />essential for the future vitality of the City of Richmon~ an~ <br />the Counties of ChasterSie!d, Hanover, and Henrico; and <br /> <br /> ~HEREAS, th~ ~etention of existing business and industry <br />and the assurance of their economic well being ie an equally <br />vital component for maintainimg an~ enhancing the quality cf <br />life enjoyed by the =itiz~n~ of the m~tro~olitan Richmond area; <br /> <br /> <br />