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1.A, F~AY 11. 1994 <br /> <br />On motion of Nr. Warren, seconded by ~x. ~arber, the board <br />approved the minutes 0£ May 11, 1994, am ~ubmitted. <br /> <br />vot~: Unanimous <br /> <br />~.~. I~L~¥ l~r 1994 <br /> <br />It is noted information for the May 13, 1993 Regional Su~mit <br />minutes will he forwarded to the Chesterfield County Clerk's <br />O£~ics from Hanover County and minute5 will be prepared and <br />~ubmitted for approval at that time, therefore, no action Was <br />required at this time. <br /> <br />2. COUNTY ADNINI5TP~TOR'S COMMENTS <br /> <br />~4r. Ram~ey stated ~e would defer C0un~y <br />Comments until later in the meeting. <br /> <br />Administrator's <br /> <br />~. BO~RD dOMMITTES R~PORT~ <br /> <br />There w~re ~o Board Committee Reports at this time. <br /> <br />On motion of ~r~ Warren, ~conded by Mr. Daniel, th~ Boa=d <br /> <br />a Status Report on the Ciov~r ~ill Sports Complex Acquisition; <br />added Item 8_D.3~, Con~ideratlon of Nomination/ADDslntmant Of <br />a Kember ts Serve on th= virginia Uniform Statewide B~ilding <br />Code Appeals Board tO follow Item 8.D.2., Consideration o~ <br />Nomination/Appointment of a Ch~ter Civitan Club Representative <br /> <br />C0n~ideration of Nomination/Appointment of a Member to Serve on <br />th~ R~gional James River Ta~k Force Co~/~issiou St~er½n~ <br /> <br />Appointment o£ Candidat~ to School Board fro~ ~dlothian <br />Magisterial District to immediately follow this Item and, <br />a~cptsd th~ agen~, a~ aDended. <br /> <br />8.A. ~PPOINTM~NT O~ CkNDIDATE TO SCHOOL BOARD FROM ~DLOTHI~N <br /> <br />Mr. Colbert arrived at the m~et~ng. <br /> <br />M~. N{ca5 stated at the May 11, 1994 meeting, the ~oard <br /> <br />years beginning July 1~ 1994 and expiring Jun~ 30, 199S. ~e <br />affirmative vote~ will be the Kidlothi~n District <br /> <br />94-402 <br /> <br /> <br />