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Social Services <br />Ms. Sarah Snead, Dep. <br />County Administrator, <br />Human Services <br />Mr. Kirk Turner, Dir., <br />Planning <br />Mr. Mike Westfall, Acting <br />Directgr, Internal Audit <br />Mr. Scott Zaremba, Dir., <br />Human Resource Programs <br />Mr. Warren called the regularly scheduled meeting to order at <br />3:00 p.m. <br />1.A. APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />The January 12, 2011 minutes were not complete due to county <br />holidays. <br />2. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S COMMENTS <br />2.A. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT <br />LEGISLATIVE UPDATE <br />Ms. Curtin presented an update to the Board.of Supervisors on <br />the status of several bills before the General Assembly and <br />from the county's legislative program. She stated the House of <br />Delegates and Senate budget will be released separately on <br />February 6, 2011. She further stated the legislative session, <br />will reach crossover on February 7,2011. 'I <br />In response to Ms. Jaeckle's question, Ms. Curtin stated she <br />is aware of the bill that is a concern among the Social <br />Services Board. <br />In response to Mr. Warren's question, Ms. Curtin stated there <br />have been over 2,300 bills introduced in the short session. <br />Ms. Durfee expressed appreciation for Ms. Curtin's legislative <br />briefing and stated it is very important to keep the Board <br />abreast of any changes regarding the BPOL tax bill, Composite <br />Index, or any bill that would directly affect revenue at the <br />local level. <br />ZIP CODE UPDATE <br />Matt Harris provided details of an amended proposal regarding <br />potential zip code modifications. He stated the proposal is <br />aligned with community sentiment; provides every resident and <br />business the option to use a Chesterfield-specific name, but <br />does not require it; and preserves the ability to use existing <br />mailing address names. He provided data relative to current <br />zip codes with names more closely associated with communities <br />outside of the county. He stated after two rounds of community <br />meetings, the public expressed an overwhelming desire to use <br />Chesterfield in their mailing address name. He provided <br />details of the official county request to the postal service <br />and the postal service's counter proposal. He stated the <br />counter proposal provides for every county resident and <br />J <br />J <br />J <br />11-41 <br />