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business having the ability to use a Chesterfield-specific <br />mailing address name; does not require anyone to adopt the new <br />names, change letterhead, etc.; and allows for continued use <br />of Richmond, Petersburg or Colonial Heights. He noted that <br />there would be no numerical zip code changes and no service <br />disruption, change in post office assignment, etc. <br /> <br />Mr. Holland commended Mr. Harris and the committee for an <br />outstanding job. <br />In response to Mr. Holland's questions, Mr. Harris stated <br />constituents would use the Chesterfield-specific mailing <br />address name "North Chesterfield" for the northern half of the <br />county. He further stated the initial revenue range of $1.5-2 <br />million should remain gradual. <br />In response to Mr. Gecker's question, Mr. Harris stated those <br />citizens who live in Bon Air will preserve the ability to use <br />existing mailing address names, but can add another option. <br />Ms. Jaeckle commended Mr. Harris for making progress with the <br />post office. <br />Ms. Durfee expressed appreciation to Mr. Harris and staff for <br />including citizens in the process. She stated with the <br />increased potential for new businesses in Chesterfield, we can <br />only then hope that increase in tax revenue will occur. <br />In response to Mr. Gecker's question, Mr. Harris stated the <br />plan does not require a survey. He further stated the next <br />round of community meetings will act as a survey. <br />In response to Mr. Warren's question, Mr. Stegmaier stated <br />local businesses may take some time to adopt the new names. He <br />further stated the allocation of sales tax that is collected <br />as a result of online sales and catalogue sales may happen <br />quicker because those companies that use post office software <br />to get the addresses correct for their customers will now <br />identify the new name as the address. <br />In response to Ms. Jaeckle's question, Mr. Harris stated <br />global positioning systems are updated to reflect most post <br />office databases. <br />Mr. Warren encouraged Board members to have zip code community <br />meetings as soon as possible. <br />Mr. Stegmaier acknowledged Mr. Lou Lassiter, Mr. Jay Payne, <br />Mr. Matt Harris, and others from various departments around <br />the county who have worked very hard on this project. He also <br />expressed appreciation to the post office for their <br />flexibility. <br />COMPREHENSIVE PLAN <br />Mr. Stegmaier announced that the first addition of the <br />Comprehensive Plan Newsletter for public access is now posted <br />online at <br />Mr. Warren stated the draft Comprehensive Plan will go through <br />a very rigorous process before it is brought before the Board. <br />11-42 <br />