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County Administrator's <br />Top 40's List <br />I. <br />Critical Protects/Activities <br />1. Airport Entrance Improvements <br />2. Amelia Reservoir Project <br />3. Business Climate Survey <br />4. Census 2010/Redistricting 2011 <br />5. Community Risk Analysis/Emergency Service Covelassrage <br />6. Countywide Comprehensive Plan/Public Facilities Plan <br />7. Eastern Midlothian Re-development <br />- Chippenham Square <br />- Spring Rock <br />- Stonebridge (formerly Cloverleaf Mall) <br />- Streetscaping <br />8. Electronic Message Centers <br />9. GRTC Service <br />10. Health Care Contract -Rebid <br />11. Irrigation Policies/Demand Management for Water Use <br />12. Mass Grading Ordinance <br />13. Postal Zip Codes -final request sent to U.S. Postal Service in March <br />14. Recycling Committee Recommendations <br />15. Private Sewer Treatment Facility <br />16. Sports Quest <br />17. Ukrops Kicker Complex/Poseidon Swimming -Stratton Property -announcement 3/2011 <br />18. Utilities Policies and Managed Growth <br />II. Ongoing Protects/Activities <br />1. 2011 Legislative Program -adopted 11/19/10 <br />2. Airport Master Plan <br />3. Animal Welfare Issues <br />4. Capital Improvement Program <br />5. Capital Regional Collaborative Focus Group <br />6. Cash Proffers <br />7. Citizen Budget Advisory Committee <br />8. Efficiency Studies -Countywide <br />9. Federal Stimulus Package <br />- Energy Block Grant <br />- Economic Development <br />- Police Department <br />- Recovery Zone Bonds <br />10. Financial/Budget Issues <br />11. Fort Lee Expansion <br />12. Hydrilla Issue <br />13. Joint Meetings of Board of Supervisors/School Board <br />14. Magnolia Green CDA <br />0000~`0~ <br />Updated 4/6/2011 <br />1 <br />