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1. INVOCATION <br />Dr. Larry Tingle, Chesterfield Police Chaplain, gave the <br />invocation. <br />2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />Colonel Thierry Dupuis, Chief of Police, led the Pledge of <br />Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. <br />Mr. Dupler updated the Board relative to last night's <br />thunderstorm, structural damage and storm related incidents. <br />In response to Mr. Warren's questions, Mr. Dupler stated <br />Emergency Operations were available. He further stated there <br />is no current information regarding damage coverage by <br />insurance. <br />Mr. Holland stated it is fortunate there was no loss of life <br />or serious injury as a result of the severe weather. <br />Ms. Jaeckle stated the storm created some problems along <br />roadways in the Bermuda District. <br />Mr. Warren expressed appreciation to the Fire Department and <br />personnel for such a rapid response. He noted there is a <br />strong sense of leadership in public safety in Chesterfield. <br />3. WORK SESSIONS <br />3.A. PROPOSED FY2011 BUDGET <br />3.A.1. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S PROPOSED BUDGET <br />Mr. Stegmaier expressed appreciation to Board of Supervisors <br />members and all of the staff members who have assisted with <br />the development of the proposed budget. He stated <br />Chesterfield has successfully weathered the economic <br />downturn. He further stated the plan embodies the proud <br />tradition of our county. He expressed appreciation to Mr. <br />Carmody and staff for their hard work trying to find ways to <br />minimize the impact of the continued downturn. He also <br />recognized those members on the Budget and Audit Committee <br />and the School Board Liaison Committee who have contributed <br />to the proposed budget plan. <br />Mr. Carmody presented a summary of the County Administrator's <br />proposed FY2012 financial plan. He stated the county has <br />successfully weathered the downturn. He further stated the <br />county has a much leaner operation, producing the same <br />quality results and this plan makes notable progress on Board <br />priorities. He announced the total general fund reduction <br />since FY2009 is $48.3 million; change in non-public safety <br />staffing since FY2009 is -7.6 percent; and declines in local <br />public safety and education funding in FY11 is 0.0 percent to <br />-1.1 percent. He reviewed the continued tradition of fiscal <br />discipline, noting the FY2011 budget is in line with FY1996 <br />levels on an inflation adjusted, per capita basis; <br />Chesterfield was reaffirmed as triple AAA credit; and MGT of <br />America rates Schools as 99.3 percent efficient. He stated <br />J <br />J <br />J <br />11-129 <br />