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2. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S COMMENTS <br />2.A. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT <br />2.B. 2010 CENSUS COMPLETE COUNT COMMITTEE RECOGNITION <br />Ms. Chris Ruth, Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Co- <br />Chair of the 2010 Census Complete Count Committee, stated in <br />the fall of 2009, Chesterfield County created a 2010 Complete <br />County Committee with about 20 members from the county and <br />the community who worked with Census staff to try and improve <br />the county's response rates. She recognized the committee <br />for its outstanding efforts. <br />Mr. Warren stated in addition to providing details of the <br />number of residents, a solid count also represents federal <br />funding for the county. <br />AMERICAS PROMISE ALLIANCE AWARD <br />Ms. Snead, along with Ms. Carter, addressed the Board <br />regarding the county receiving the 100 Best Communities for <br />Young People award for the fourth consecutive time. <br />Mr. Warren recognized members of the Youth Services Citizen <br />Board and stated this award is a great honor for county <br />residents. <br />Mr. Warren expressed appreciation to Ms. Jana Carter, Mr. <br />Kappel and others who have contributed to the receipt of this <br />award. <br />Ms. Jaeckle expressed appreciation to the Youth Services <br />Board for volunteering their time. <br />3. BOARD MEMBER REPORTS <br />Mr. Holland announced the Dale District will hold a <br />constituents' meeting relative to the budget on March 22na <br />Mr. Gecker announced the Midlothian District will be holding <br />a constituents' meeting relative to the budget and Zip Code <br />realignments on March 14tH <br />Mr. Warren announced the Clover Hill District held a couple <br />of Comprehensive Planning workshops. He stated there was a <br />lot of good input on the draft Comprehensive Plan. He <br />announced there will be a Clover Hill District community <br />meeting regarding the budget on March 10th and that he will be <br />speaking at the Midlothian Rotary Club on March 15th <br />4. REQUESTS TO POSTPONE AGENDA ITEMS AND ADDITIONS, <br />DELETIONS OR CHANGES IN THE ORDER OF PRESENTATION <br />On motion of Mr. Holland, seconded by Ms. Durfee, the Board <br />moved Item 5.A., Resolution Recognizing Ms. Pearl M. Goff, <br />Emergency Communications Center, Upon Her Retirement to the <br />Consent Agenda to follow Item 8.B.8.; added Item 8.A.3., <br />Appointment to the. Youth Services Citizen Board; added Item <br />11-136 <br />