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REDISTRICTING COMMUNITY MEETING <br />MINUTES <br />APRIL 14, 2011 <br />GREENFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL <br />Staff in Attendance: <br />Ms. Janice Blakley, Clerk to <br />the Board of Supervisors <br />Mr. Lawrence C. Haake, III, <br />Registrar <br />Mr. Zach Mayo, Planning <br />Department Demographer <br />Mr. Stylian Parthemos, <br />Deputy County Attorney <br />Mr. Scott Zaremba, Dir., <br />Human Resource Programs <br />The meeting came to order at 7:00 p.m. <br />Mr. Parthemos welcomed residents to the meeting. He stated the <br />redistricting process occurs every ten years, after the census is <br />completed. He further stated the data provided by the census allows <br />the county to equalize the population among its districts. He noted <br />that the state is also in the process of redrawing both the Senate <br />and House of Delegate Districts, as well as Congressional Districts. <br />He stated this process will take place in a constricted period of <br />time over the course of the next few weeks because all localities <br />must be ready to mail out absentee ballots for the August primary <br />elections, and the deadline for doing so is July 8th. He further <br />stated the redistricting plans must be submitted to the United States <br />Justice Department for approval, and they have a 60-day period in <br />which to review the plans; therefore, all redistricting plans must be <br />submitted by April 29th. He stated the county is trying to equalize <br />its population through the redistricting process, noting that there <br />has been a lot of growth over the last ten years, which has not been <br />uniform among the districts. He reviewed the current population for <br />each of the magisterial districts and stated the ideal population for <br />each district would be 63,247, noting that the county can deviate a <br />maximum of 5 percent over or 5 percent under that figure. He stated <br />the population in all of the districts is outside of the range, <br />except for Dale, which is barely inside the range. He further <br />1 <br />