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<br /> <br />Þ±¿®¼ ±º Í«°»®ª·­±®­ <br />ß®¬¸«® Íò É¿®®»² <br />ܱ®±¬¸§ Ö¿»½µ´» <br />Ö¿³»­ Óò ر´´¿²¼ <br />Ó¿®´»»² Õò Ü«®º»» <br />Ü¿²·»´ ßò Ù»½µ»® <br /> <br />ݱ«²¬§ ß¼³·²·­¬®¿¬±® <br />Ö¿³»­ ÖòÔò ͬ»¹³¿·»® <br />Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on May 25, 2011 <br />3:00 P.M. SESSION <br />COUNTY ADMINSTRATOR’S COMMENTS <br />Mr. Stegmaier presented a brief video from the April 22, 2011 Patriot Flag <br />Ceremony. The Department of Fire and EMS, in conjunction with the group <br />Veteran Aid, sponsored the raising of the Patriot Flag. The flag pays tribute to all <br />of the Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement workers, as well as the citizens who lost <br />their lives in New York City, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at our Nations <br />Pentagon. <br />Mr. William Quarles, Jr., Goochland’s Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and <br />Ms. Becky Dickson, Goochland’s County Administrator recognized the assistance <br />they received from Mr. Richard Cordle and the staff of the Treasurer’s Office. <br />Mr. Mike Golden presented an update on the progress of another economic <br />development success in the county. The Aquatics Center at Ukrops Park, when <br />completed, will provide another great venue in Chesterfield that will enhance <br />sports tourism. <br />RESOLUTIONS <br />Adopted <br />Resolution recognizing Mr. Donald Horner as Chesterfield County’s <br />2011 Treasured Volunteer. <br />Adopted <br />Resolution recognizing May 2011, as “Older America’s Month” in <br />Chesterfield County. <br />AdoptedResolution recognizing Deputy Randolph Scott Phillips, Sheriff’s <br />Office, upon his retirement. <br />WORK SESSIONS <br />A work session was held regarding the evaluation of development regulations (Cost of <br />Development Project). <br />Approved <br />Referred ordinance amendments related to: (a) landscape <br />maintenance bonding and (b) storm water and best management <br />facilities encroachment into buffers to the Planning Commission and <br />1 <br /> <br />