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Chief Edward L. Senter, <br />Fire Department <br />Ms. Sarah Snead, Dep. <br />County Administrator, <br />Human Services <br />Mr. Kirk Turner, Dir., <br />Planning <br />Mr. Mike Westfall, Dir., <br />Internal Audit <br />Mr. Scott Zaremba, Dir., <br />Human Resource Programs <br />Mr. Warren called the regularly scheduled meeting to order at <br />3:01 p.m. <br />1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />1.A. APRIL 27, 2011 REGULAR MEETING <br />On motion of Ms. Durfee, seconded by Mr. Holland, the Board <br />approved the minutes of April 27, 2011, as submitted. <br />Ayes: Warren, Jaeckle, Holland, Durfee, and Gecker. <br />Nays: None. <br />1.B. MAY 25, 2011 REGULAR MEETING <br />Ms. Blakley stated Ms. Durfee had requested an addition on <br />page 313. <br />Mr. Gecker requested that some time be given to review the <br />proposed revision. <br />Ms. Jaeckle stated the specific piece that Ms. Durfee has <br />requested is not necessary for the overall message of the <br />minutes. She stated staff does a good job conveying the <br />general message of what is said. <br />Mr. Gecker made a motion, seconded by Ms. Durfee, for the <br />Board to approve the minutes of May 25, 2011, including Ms. <br />Durfee's requested addition. <br />Ms. Durfee stated it was important to include her statement <br />after someone had spoken. <br />Mr. Gecker stated additional work for staff is unnecessary in <br />regards to transcribing excessive verbatim. <br />Mr. Warren called for a vote on the motion of Mr. Gecker, <br />seconded by Ms. Durfee, for the Board to approve the minutes <br />of May 25, 2011, as revised. <br />Ayes: Warren, Jaeckle, Holland, Durfee, and Gecker. <br />Nays: None. <br />J <br />J <br />J <br />11-364 <br />06/15/11 <br />