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CASE MANAGER: Jane Peterson <br />October 26, 2011 B S <br />STAFF' S <br />REQUEST ANALYSIS <br />AND <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />11 SN0250 <br />(AMENDED) <br />Melvin Fisher <br />Bermuda Magisterial District <br />Southeast quadrant of Jefferson Davis Highway and Pinehurst Street <br />RE VEST: Conditional use approval to permit display sheds, garages, carports and house sales <br />including "shell" house sales in an Agricultural (A) District. <br />PROPOSED LAND USE: <br />Continued operation of the retail sale of display buildings and structures is planned. <br />PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION <br />RECOMMEND APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE PROFFERED CONDITIONS ON <br />PAGE 2. <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Recommend approval for the following reason: <br />Approval of the conditional use for a limited time period will allow the continuation of this <br />use until such time as market demands support aggregation of parcels and redevelopment <br />for mixed uses which serve a regional market, consistent with the recommendations of the <br />Jefferson Davis Corridor Plan. <br />(NOTE: CONDITIONS MAYBE IMPOSED OR THE PROPERTY OWNER MAY PROFFER <br />CONDITIONS. CONDITIONS NOTED WITH "STAFF/CPC" WERE AGREED UPON BY <br />BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION.) <br />Providing a FIRST CHOICE community through excellence in public service <br />