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PROFFERED CONDITIONS <br />(STAFF/CPC) 1. There shall be no direct vehicular access from the property to Route <br />1/301 or Pinehurst Street. (T) <br />(STAFF/CPC) 2. Display sheds, garages, carport and houses sales including "shell" <br />houses sales shall be permitted subject to the following restrictions: <br />a. This use shall be granted for a period not to exceed ten (10) <br />years from the date of approval and shall be limited to <br />Melvin L. Fisher's use only and shall not be transferable nor <br />run with the land. <br />b. No goods shall be produced on the premises for retail sale. <br />c. All display areas, buildings, drives and parking areas shall <br />have a minimum twenty-five (25) foot setback from the <br />ultimate right-of way of Route 1 /3 01. Within this setback, <br />landscaping shall be provided in accordance with Zoning <br />Ordinance requirements for perimeter landscaping B. Within <br />fourteen (14) days of approval of this request, a phasing plan <br />for the installation of this landscaping shall be reviewed and <br />approved by the Planning Department. <br />d. Such use shall comply with the development requirements of <br />the Zoning Ordinance for the Jefferson Davis Highway <br />Corn or. <br />e. The only improvements permitted shall be the placement of <br />display sheds, garages, carports and shell houses for sale, <br />driveways, parking areas and required landscaping as stated <br />herein; provided that the display sheds, garages, carports and <br />shell houses for sale are self supporting or self contained <br />units without permanent foundations that are capable of <br />being easily removed intact from the site. (P) <br />GENERAL INFORMATION <br />T ,n~ati nn <br />The request property is located in the southeast quadrant of Jefferson Davis Highway and <br />Pinehurst Street. Tax IDs 795-664-7592; 795-665-6610, 7102 and 8407. <br />Existing Zoning: <br />A with conditional use <br />2 11SN0250-OCT26-BOS-RPT <br />