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CASE MANAGER: Robert Clay <br />October 26, 2011 B S <br />STAFF' S <br />REQUEST ANALYSIS <br />AND <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />11 SN0251 <br />Village Associates LLC <br />Midlothian Magisterial District <br />East line of Mount Pisgah Drive <br />RE VEST: Conditional use planned development approval to permit an off track betting facility <br />(advanced deposit account wagering) in a Community Business (C-3) District. <br />PROPOSED LAND USE: <br />An off track betting facility, limited to advanced deposit account wagering, is <br />planned in an existing business (restaurant and billiards) in an existing shopping <br />center. <br />PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION <br />RECOMMEND APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE PROFFERED CONDITIONS ON <br />PAGE 2. <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Recommend approval for the following reasons: <br />A. The proposed use, as accessory to the principal use on the property, is no more <br />intense than other permitted uses. <br />B. The recommended conditions should limit any potential adverse impact the <br />proposed use might have on area properties. <br />(NOTE: CONDITIONS MAY BE IMPOSED OR THE PROPERTY OwNER(S) MAY <br />PROFFER CONDITIONS. CONDITIONS NOTED WITH "STAFF/CPC" WERE AGREED <br />UPON BY BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION.) <br />Providing a FIRST CHOICE community through excellence in public service <br />