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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Board of Supervisors <br /> <br />Dorothy A. Jaeckle <br /> <br />Stephen A. Elswick <br /> <br />Arthur S. Warren <br />James M. Holland <br /> <br />Daniel A. Gecker <br /> <br /> <br />County Administrator <br /> <br />James J.L. Stegmaier <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on April 10, 2013 <br /> <br />3:00 P.M. SESSION <br /> <br /> <br />COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR’S COMMENTS <br /> <br />? <br /> <br />Mr. Stegmaier was pleased to report that due to the Board’s sound financial <br />management and careful monitoring of spending, Chesterfield debt is still rated in the <br /> <br />“nine-A’s” club, not only for the county but also our utility system. <br /> <br />? <br /> <br />Mr. Stegmaier announced that Sabra broke ground on their new “Center of Excellence” <br />and the addition will soon be up and running as they have received their Certificate of <br />Occupancy. The center will be a modern-day research and development facility in <br />Virginia to establish best practices on all aspects of culinary, food science, production, <br />engineering, packaging, supply chain and product delivery. <br /> <br />? <br /> <br />Mr. Stegmaier was pleased to report that the Jefferson Cup and Ultimate Cup soccer <br />tournaments were held in late February and March at various venues, including River <br />City Sportsplex in Chesterfield County and were highly successful. Hotel rooms, local <br />restaurants and other establishment benefited from the out of town visitors that came <br />and spent their tourism dollars. <br /> <br />? <br /> <br />Mr. Stegmaier announced that the Parks and Recreation Department, in partnership <br />with the School Board and Greater Richmond Fit4Kids, has been awarded a new <br />“KaBOOM” playground at Bensley Park. KaBOOM! is a national non-profit <br />organization dedicated to saving play for America's children. <br /> <br /> <br />RESOLUTIONS <br /> <br />Adopted Resolution recognizing April 21-27, 2013, as “Administrative <br />Professionals Week.” <br /> <br /> <br />WORK SESSIONS <br /> <br />A Work Session was held regarding the County Administrator’s proposed FY2014 budget, the <br />proposed FY2014 Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership <br />Annual Plan, the proposed FY2014-FY2018 Capital Improvement Program and the utility and <br />tax relief for the Elderly and Disabled Ordinance changes. <br /> 1 <br /> <br />