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CHESTERFIEL© CC?UNTY <br />r:;-`°~'~"'`,~-~ Bt)ARD t~-~ UPERVISt3RS P'ag~ 1 of'i <br />w ~. ~~~ <br />~~~ AGENLIA <br />~~~ I]f9 <br />Meeting ©ate: January 8, 2414 Item Number: 1,A. <br />Subiect: <br />Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman <br />County Administrator's Comments: <br />County Admin t tar:_ <br />Board Action Rectues#ed: <br />Summary of Information: <br />The Board's first order of business is the election of Chairman and. Vice <br />Chairman for 2014. The County Administrator presides aver the meeting <br />until the election of Chairman. Nominations do not require a second. <br />Prepares: Janice Blakiev <br />Attachments: ~ Yes <br />Title: Clerk to the Board <br />^ No <br />QO(D~01 <br />