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WAR DEPARTMENT <br />OFFICE DIViSiON ENGINEER, SOUTH ATLANTIC D~VISION <br /> MAIN AND LAUREL STREETS <br /> RICHMOND, VA. <br /> <br />Real Estate Branch <br />Room ~08, Mosque Building <br />Richmond, Virginia <br /> <br />November ll, 19~2 <br /> <br />Mr. W. H. Caldwell <br />Executive Secretary, Board of Supervisors <br />Chesterfield County, Virginia <br /> <br />Dear Sir: <br /> <br /> Confirming my conversation with you this morning, it <br />has been found that in laying out the connecting railroad <br />track between the Holding and Reconsignment Point Projects <br />and the Richmond GeneraI Depot, the railroad fill will extend <br />on and encroach upon the Rayon Park Property. To eliminate <br />this situation it will be necessary to acquire land in Block ? <br />of Rayon Park now platted as an alley in the rear of Lots 21 to <br />31 inclusive. <br /> <br /> '~e understand that these streets and alleys in Rayon Park <br />have been dedicated by the developers of this property, but <br />we are not advised as to their acceptance by the County, but <br />assume that they have been so accepted. <br /> <br /> Ne inclose herewith blue print showing the layout of the <br />alley and request that the Board of Supervisors take the <br />necessary steps to have this alley abandoned, so that the <br />Government will not be trespassing upon this property. <br /> <br /> We will ask youto advise us as to what action is taken <br />by the Board of Supervisors and appreciate very much your <br />cooperation in this matter. <br /> <br /> Yours very truly' <br /> <br />A. Vi. Binns <br />Project Manager <br /> <br />Incl. <br /> Blue print <br /> <br /> <br />