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N <br />BOARD OF SUPERVISORS JOINT CLOSED SESSION <br />WITH SCHOOL BOARD AND CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION GOALS AND <br />ACCOUNTABILITY COMMITTEE <br />MINUTES <br />MAY 18, 2016 <br />Supervisors in Attendance: <br />Mr. Stephen A. Elswick, Chairman <br />Ms. Dorothy A. Jaeckle, Vice Chair <br />Mr. Christopher M. Winslow <br />Mr. James Holland <br />Ms. Leslie Haley <br />School Board Members in <br />Attendance: <br />Ms. Dianne H. Smith, Chairman <br />Ms. Carrie E. Coyner, Vice Chair <br />Mr. John M. Erbach <br />Mr. Rob W. Thompson <br />Dr. Javaid E. Siddiqi <br />Committee Members in <br />Attendance: <br />Mr. Steve Elswick <br />Ms. Leslie Haley <br />Ms. Carrie Coyner <br />Mr. Rob Thompson <br />Dr. Edgar Wallin <br />Mr. Allan Carmody <br />Mr. John Hilliard <br />Mr. Randy Holmes <br />Ms. Barbara Mait <br />Mr. Andy Scherzer <br />Mr. Chris Sorensen <br />Ms. Nita Mensia-Joseph <br />Mr. Elswick called the Capital Construction Committee meeting <br />to order at 12:30 p.m. <br />After receiving project updates and a report on county <br />projects, the next order of business for the committee was a <br />joint closed session with Board of Supervisors and School <br />Board members. <br />CLOSED SESSION <br />On motion of Mr. Hilliard, seconded by Ms. Haley, the Capital <br />Construction Goals and Accountability Committee entered into <br />a Closed Session in accordance with Section 2.2-3711(A) of <br />the Code of Virginia, the Virginia Freedom of Information <br />Act, and specifically under the following subsection 3: <br />discussion or consideration of acquisition of real property <br />for a public purpose where discussion in an open meeting <br />would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating <br />strategy of the public body. <br />Ayes: Elswick, Haley, Coyner, Thompson, Sloan, Carmody, <br />Hilliard, Holmes, Mait, Scherzer, Sorensen and Joseph. <br />Nays: None. <br />Mr. Elswick called the meeting to order at 1:33, on behalf of <br />the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. <br />Ms. Smith called the meeting to order at 1:33, on behalf of <br />the School Board. <br />16-323 <br />5/18/16 <br />