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Present: <br /> <br />Rir. H,T. Goyne, Sr. Chairman <br />~Ir. IrVin G. Hornet <br />Mr. R. J.Britton <br />R~r. J. Ruff in Apper son <br />Mr. Herbert O.Browning <br />R~r. A.R. Martin <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: At a regular meeting of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the Courthouse on <br /> August 12, 1964, at 9:00 a.m. <br /> <br />The Rev. Charles ~.Dick, Pastor of the Enon Baptist Church gives the invocation. <br /> <br />The Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County this day approved all claims <br />presented for the month of July, 1964, and authorized the Treasurer of the County!. <br />to zssue warrants as follows: <br /> <br />General County Fund: <br />From Check No'[ 9262 through Check No.9596, <br />in the amount of <br />From gheck No. 3662 through Check No.3891, <br />in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />$ ~7,050.14 <br /> 54,T&2.1a <br /> <br />Dog Tax Fund <br />From Check No. 3690 thru Chack No.3692 <br />Check No. 2339 through Chck No.2346, in the <br />aggregate amount of <br /> <br />County Garage Fund: <br />Check No. 2347 through Check No.236&, <br />and Check No.3694 through Check No.3696, <br />in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />Ettrick Operating Fund: <br />Check No. 2365 through Check No.2371, and <br />Check No. 2375, Check No.3688, in the <br />aggregate amount of <br /> <br />Storeroom Fund: <br />Check No.2372 through Check No. 2374 in the <br />aggregate amoun~ of <br /> <br />PayrollDeduction: <br />Check No. 2376 through Check No. 2381, in the <br />aggregate amount of <br /> <br />1,101.63 <br /> <br />4,925.81 <br /> <br />1,349.36 <br /> <br />43.36 <br /> <br />25,834.09 <br /> <br />Utilities Department - Operating: <br />Personal Services <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br /> Total Operating <br /> <br />Refund Revenue: <br /> <br />Refund Meter Deposits: <br /> <br />Utilities Department-Construction: <br />Personal Services <br />Contractual Servic es <br />Materials ~d Supplies <br /> Total Construction <br /> <br />Meter Installation: <br />Personal Services <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br />Miscellaneous Costs <br /> <br />$7,469.69 <br />1,144.93 <br /> l~.O1 <br /> <br />$~;060.40 <br />19~425.15 <br /> ~4.~o <br /> <br />$6,2~0.25 <br />443.82 <br />25.25 <br />t,000.00 <br /> <br />8,629.63 <br /> 150.95 <br /> 625.00 <br /> <br />23 , 499.85 <br /> <br />Sewer Operating: <br />Personal Services <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br /> <br />Central Stores: <br /> <br />845.17 <br /> 53.40 <br /> 2.8O <br /> <br />$901.37 <br />3?4.23 <br /> <br />Improvement, Reolacement & Extensions: <br />Con% factual Services 6,826.?5 <br /> <br /> <br />