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¥1~'~Gl~iA: ,'It en adjourned meeting of the <br />Boaz~d of Supervisors of Chesterfield Counsy~ <br />held st the Courthouse on Septembe~~ 2~.., 196b:, <br />at 2:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br /> hr. H.T.Gc:yne, Chairman <br />hr. Irvin G. Horner <br /> <br /> b~r. H. O. Browning <br /> iu[r. J .fluff in Apperson <br /> .'ir. ik. R. Martin <br /> <br />On motion of i,ir.~[pperson, secor'~ded by lqr.Browning, it is resolved that the ?'~inut, es <br />of Sem%ember 9, 196~, be and they hereby are approved. <br /> <br />There aupears a delegation of citizens requesting the ~ ~: ou~.~.~z~; : to take. <br />the necessary steps to establish a library system in the County, and not to allow <br />the matter to be voted on in the forthcoming election. <br /> <br />Mrs. D.~,?.[',[urphey, I~'irs. Harvey Ma~uigan and others speak for the group. Upon <br />considerat%on whereof, Mr. Britton moves, that~ since the petition signed by 600 <br />people has been received by the Board of Supervisors and since it has been <br />certified by the Treasurer that at least 100 taxpayers have signed said petition, <br />that the Boar~'i has no alternative other than to ask the officials of the election <br />to submit this question in the General election. This motion is seconded bv <br />Mr. Martin. Upon further consideration, Mr.Goyne makes a substitute motion, that ~. <br />the Board set up a library system and appropriate the necessary amount to implement <br />the library plans, ~vhich motion was seconded by Hr.}.'[artin, ?/hereupon Hr. Britt~n <br />withdraws the original motion. Upon further consideration, ]dr.B~.owning make£ a <br />substitute motion,that the 8oard should have th~ entire feeling of the County's <br />citizen~"y, which opinion could only be gained by the reSul'~-.s of a Referendum and <br />again moves that the question be submitted 15o a vote of 'the people. <br /> This motion was seconded by Nr. Apperson. <br /> <br />?.ir. Ernest Gates, Commonwealth's Attorney, points out that should the Referendum <br />on the question be approved that the Court would aT}point the Library Board and <br />should the Board of Supervisors establish a Library system without 'the demands of <br />the Referendum, that the Board of Supe~visors could appoint the Library Board. <br />Whereupon the second substitute motion was withdrawn and a vote being taken on <br />the first s~:bstitute motion to establish a library system,all vote aye except <br />l~ir.Browning who votes nay. <br /> <br />Mr.Laramore of the Laramore Construction Company comes before the Board seeking <br />certain redress for claims for liquidated damages for the installation of sewers <br />under Contract 6102-19. It was cited that Mr. Laramore was 87 days late, of <br />which 27 days exemption had been recommended by the consulting engineers. Upon <br />consideration of Mr.Laramore's request, Mt.Browning moves that the County collect <br />for the 6O-day delinquency at the snecial rate of ~25.OO per day, plus the cost <br />of inspectors' time on this job. This motion was seconded by Mr.Apperson, <br />A vote being taken Mr .Browning , Mr.Apperson and Mr. kiorner vote Aye. <br />Mr.Goyne, Mr. Martin an~ Mr.Britton vote Nay, and the vote is tied. <br />Whereupon, on motion of Ma".Apperson, seconded by Mr.Martin, it is resolved that th.e <br />former motion be and it hereby is rescinded. Ail vote Aye. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. ADperson~ seconded by Mr.Martin, it is resolved that this Board <br />requests th~ Commonwealth.~s Attorney to review the contract with the Laramore <br />Construction Company and advise the Board as to its rights under the contract. <br /> <br />Mr.W.W.Herring comes before the Board complaining of the number of lots turned <br />down by the Health Department in Section "B", Jessup Farm Subdivision, and asked <br />that he be permitted to b~ild on the majority of lots in Section "B" and that he <br />be~given the privilege of bringing water from Belmont Farms Subdivision to this <br />Subdivision. It was cited that there was an insufficient volume of water in the <br />Belmont Farms area and if this subdivision is to be served water should be obtained <br />from the connection with the Trampling Farms Subdivision. On motion of Mr. <br />Apperson, seconded by Mr.Browning, it is resolved that this Board requests Mr. <br />Herring to v~rk with the Health Department, Planning Commission and the Engineering <br />Department in the development of the subdivision of Jessup Farms. <br /> <br />Mr.Clifford West comes before the Board a~ain requesting some consideration of the <br />deep ditches on both sides of Rt.608 and it was cited that the Board had viewed <br />this property eart'ier in the day and a serious question exists as to the necessity <br />of the deimensions of the ditches on both s4des of this road. It was ~eneraliy <br />agreed that the Executive Secretary meet with the Highway Department t~ ascertain <br />the reasons for such a condition. <br /> <br /> <br />