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VIRGI~'~I~: At a regular meeting of the Board <br />of Supervisors of Chesterfield County, held <br />at the Courthouse on February 10, 1965, at 9:~0 <br />a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />lV~r. Irvin G.Horner, Chai~n~an <br />· Mr. H.T.Govne <br />{~r. R. J.B~itton <br />~'ir. J.Ruffin Apperson ' <br />Mr. Herbert O.Browning <br />IV~r. A .R .Ma rti n <br /> <br />Mr. Ernest P.Gates~ Comm.Atty. <br />Mr. Robt. A. Fainter, ~o.Engineer <br />Mr. Howard A.Mayo, Jr. Co. Flanner <br />Mr. Y'l.?~.Burnet~, Executive Secretary <br /> <br />~.Raymond Britton gives the invocation. <br /> <br />The Board of Supervisors of'~ghest~rfmeld~ ' County this day approves all claims <br />p~esented for the month of January, 1965, and a~thorizes the Treasurer of the <br />County to issue warrants as follows: <br /> <br />General ':County Fund: <br /> <br />?ro~ Check No. ~989 thru Check No.511~, <br />From Check No. 256 thru Check No. ~gg, <br />in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />~147,552.99 <br /> <br />~og Ta~Fund: <br />Check No.Si16 and 5117, Check ~o.2630' <br />through Check 'No.2637, in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />9~2.93 ~ <br /> <br />County Garage Fund: <br />~heck No. 5112 thru Check Nol 511~,Check No. <br />2638 thru Check No. 2650, in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />Ettrick Operating Fund: <br />C[eck No.' 5110, Che~k No.2651 thru <br />check No.265~, Check No.2665, in the aegregate <br />amount of <br /> <br />Storeroom Fund: <br />Check No.265@ and 2660, in the amount of <br /> <br />36.67 <br /> <br />Street and Road Sig.n, Fund: <br />~heck N'o.2661 t'hru Check No.2664 <br />in the amount of <br /> <br />Payroll Deduction Fund: <br />Check No. 2626 thru Check No.2629, <br />Check 'No.2~66 thru Check No.2668, <br />Check No.2670 thru Check No.267~, in the <br />a~gregate amount of <br /> <br />38,921.36 <br /> <br />..Ut.i 1 it i es .Dep artm ent: <br /> <br />Op. erating <br />Personal Services <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br />Replacements & Additions <br /> <br />Refund Revenue: <br /> <br />Refund Meter Deposits <br /> <br />Refund Construction <br />~ontracts <br /> <br />Co nst ructi on: <br />Personal Services <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br />Replacements & Additions <br /> <br />W~ter Bo__nd Construction: <br />Contractual Services <br />Impro~emant,.Repla.& Ext. <br />Contractual Services <br /> <br />$9,435.26 <br />13,442.70 <br /> 3,901.09 <br /> 4,041.64 <br /> <br />$,5,071.17 <br /> 50,799.60 <br /> 9,936.12 <br /> 1,727-7) <br /> <br /> 10.86 <br />56,973.09 <br /> <br />30,820.69 <br /> 193.45 <br /> 350.00 <br /> <br />4,938.69 <br /> <br />67,534.64 <br /> <br /> t~.86 <br />56,973.09 <br /> <br /> <br />