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· VIRGINIA: At a regular meeting of the Board <br /> of Supervisors of Chesterfield County <br /> held at the Courthouse on March 10, 1965, <br /> at 9:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Irvin. G.Horner, Chairman <br />Mr. H. T. Goyne <br />Mr. R.J.Britton <br />Mr. Hesrbert O.Browning <br />Er. J.Ruffin Aoperson <br />)~.A.R. Martin <br /> <br />Mr. Ernest P.Gates, Comm. Attorney <br />Mr. Robt.A.Painter, Co.Engineer <br />Mr. Howard A. Mayo, Jr.Co. Planner <br />Mr. M. W.Burn~tt, Exec. Secretary <br /> <br />Mr'. Apperson gives the invocation. <br /> <br />The Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County t?is day approves all claims <br />presented to the County for the month of February, 1965, and authorizes the <br />Treasurer of the County to issue warrants .as follows: <br /> <br />General County Fund: <br />From Check No. 5t95 through Check No.5396 <br />From Check No. 281 and Check No.450 through <br />Check No. 617, in the aggregate amount of- <br /> <br />Dog Tax Fund: <br />From Check Nd. 5218 and )219 <br />Check No. 2578 and 2676, <br />Check No. 2678 through Check No. 2683, <br />in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />Storeroom Fund: <br />From CheCk No.'2677, Check No.2704 thru <br />Check No. 2711, in the aKgregate amount of <br /> <br />Garage Fund: <br />Che~k No.. 5215 and 5216, <br />Check No.2684 thru Check No.2698in the <br />aggregate amount of <br /> <br />Ettrick Sanitary Dist. Operating Fund: <br />Check No. 5213, Check No.2499 thru <br />Check No. 2703, Check No. 2715, in the <br />aggregate amount of <br /> <br />Special Street ard Road Sign Fund: <br />Check No. 2712 in the amount of <br /> <br />Payroll D.eduction Fund: <br />Check No. 2715 through 'gheck No.2716 <br />thru Check No. 2721, in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />Utilities Deoartment -Operating: <br />~'$rson al Services <br /> <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br />Replacements & Additions <br /> <br />$9,159.75 <br /> 3.557.73 <br /> 1,563.48 <br /> <br />$124,636.19 <br /> <br />5,666.48 <br /> <br />218.74 <br /> <br />4,334.08 <br /> <br />1,633.99 <br /> <br />.77 <br /> <br />15,303.75 <br /> <br />1&,284.45 <br /> <br />Water Bona Contruction: <br /> <br />Contractual Services <br /> <br />Refund Revenue: <br /> <br />Sewer R~f.und Revenue: <br /> <br />Construction: <br />Personal ServiCes <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br /> <br />73.36 <br /> <br />$3,872.62 <br />19,696.18 <br /> 46~.9A <br /> <br /> 73.36 <br />905.00 <br /> <br /> 14.00 <br /> <br />24,032.7~ <br /> <br /> <br />