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¥IRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County, <br />held at the Courthouse on July 29, 1965, at <br />2:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Kr. trvin G.Horner, Chairman <br />~,'lr .fi. T. Govne <br />~,'~r. R. J.Britton <br />Mr. Herbert O.Browning <br />~'.r .A. R. Martin <br /> <br />~ir. Ernest P.Gates, Comm. Atty. <br />Mr. Howard A.Mayo, Jr, Co. Planner <br />Mt. Robt. A. Painter, Go.Engineer <br />~. M.W.Burnett, Exec. Sec'y. <br /> <br />absent: Mr. J. Ruff in Apperson <br /> <br />65-i4U. <br /> <br />I~'[r. kenry Stern comes before the Board requesting a Use Permit on tho property <br />of the Izaak Walton League for a skeet range, archery range, rifle range, pistol <br />range, fishing pond, picnic areas, and other recreational uses needed to operate <br />Izaak ~Valton Park, and . <br />~ffhereas, this matter has been deferred for several meetings, and <br /> <br /> ~. ~ ml t <br />)~7~ereas, Mr. Martin raises certain objections to a ten year term on a Use P .... ' <br />because of the potential residential growth in the area, <br /> <br />Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, on root'S, on of Mr.~!artin, ~mconded by !','.r. Brovming, <br />that this Board grants a Use Permit as requested for a term of 5-years and said <br />Use Permit will continue to be valid if no opposition tosuch use develops, and <br />if opposition develops, the Board of. Supervisors, at its discretion, will review <br />the Use permit in light of existing c~rcumstances. <br /> <br />On motion of M~.Browning, seconded by Mr. Britton, it is resolved that at the <br />request of the School Board, the Treasurer of the County is authorized to transfer <br />~30,~80.OO~rom the unappropriated surplus of the General Fund to the School Board <br />as follows: ~ <br /> <br /> l~'b2 - 134 $2~,175.OO <br /> 1,~el - 119 98~.00 <br /> 17f - 299 1,O06.36 <br /> 1763 - 399 714.64 <br /> <br />It~ is here noted that these funds represent Summer School tuitions received by <br />the School Board. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr.Browning, seconded by kr.Britton, it is resolved that the <br />resolution from the School Board requesting $4,O00,000 for capital outlay be <br />received and filed. <br /> <br />On motion of l~'lr. Britton, seconded by ~,.lr.Martin, it is resolved that the roads <br />in Deerbourne Subdivision be recommended~for inclusion intothe 5econdary i~oad <br />Syst em. <br /> <br />This~day the County ~oad Engineer in accordance 'with directions from this Board <br />made report in writing upon his examination of Netherwood Road in Westlake Hills, <br />Section 1, Manchester I~sterial District, which shows that in the opinion of <br />the County ~qoad Engineer it is expedient that s~id road be established as a public <br />road. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Yir.Britton, it is resolved that <br />Nethe~ood P~oad in Westlake Hills, SectiOn 1, Manchester District, 4e and it <br />hereby is established as a public ro~d. <br />~nd be it further resolva~, that the Virginia Department of High~ays be and it <br />hereby is requested to take into the Secondary Road System, Nether;..'ood [~cad, <br />beck,inning st the intersection of ]ioutes 1935 and 853 and exteading northv~ardly <br /> .0~+ mil, s to Nicolet l~oad. This road serves & houses. <br />~nd be it further resolved, th~:~t the ['~oard of Supervisor.~ of Chester£ield County <br />guarantees to theVirginia Deoartment of Higihways, a rijht of way of not less than <br /> 50 f. eet for' this road. Subdivision recorded .in ?lot Book 8, [~.age 2?8, on October 4, <br /> 195~ · <br /> <br />On motion of ,'.~r.~yne, seconded by i~r. Idartin, it is resolved that this ~o~ <br />recuests the Highway Department to,improve West Street in Chester, between the <br />Atlantic Coast Line RR. and Richmond Street, at a cost not to exceed $350.00 and <br />charge same to the 3~ Road Fund of the County. <br /> <br />The Hig~ay Denartment notified the County that the fallowing roads had been <br />accepted into the Secondary Road System: <br /> <br />Lancedale Subdivision: <br />Powell Road - from the intersection of Routes 1661 and 16~7 and running <br />southward 0.16 miles to property line. 0.16 Mi. <br /> <br />Oermain Road - from a point on Powell Road, 0.07 mile south of Rout, e <br />16~7 and running west O.O8 mile to property line and east O.14 <br />mile to property line <br /> <br />Limestone Drive - from a point on Powell Road O.13 mile south <br />of Route 1647 and running west O.0~ mile to property line and O.I0 <br />mile east and 0~03 mile south to property line <br /> <br />0.22" <br /> <br />O. 21 " <br /> <br /> <br />