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Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Irvin G.Horner, Chairman <br />Mr. H. T.Goyne <br />Mr.. R.J.Britt on <br />~r.J.Ruffin Apperson <br />l~r. H.O .Browning <br />Iqr. A.R. Martin <br /> <br />Vif[GIi'~I~: ?.t an adjourned meeting of 'She <br />Board of ::.;upervisors of Chesterfield <br />i~ounty ~el d :at e <br />~O65, ' tb Zourthouse on October 25~ <br /> at 2:00 p.m. <br /> <br />I~.Ernest P.Gates, Co,re.Atty. <br />lVir. Robt. A. Painter, Co. Engineer <br />Mr. ~!oward A. Mayo, Jr. Co. Plarmer <br />i.'ir. I,[.'.~.Burnett,Exec. Sea'y. <br /> <br />On motior~ ~ f ~,!r.apperson~ seconded by I'-.r.Brownin.y;, is is resolved that the <br />minutes of October 13, 1965~ be and they hereby are approved. <br /> <br /> 6~-iiu. <br /> ~lr. Graham Jemnings, .attorney, represe~tin.,.~: the D.~niels [~rick ~nd Tile <br /> .... ,,,,.mpa ny, <br />~nc.~ comes beCore ~he Board reoues~in~ a Use F'ermi~ ~o conduc~ ~he open pit <br />mining of clay for the purpose of making bricks pursuant to Section l'7,!!(L) <br />of the Chesterfield County Code on a tlT-acra narcel of land of i~regular <br />being 3300 feet south of ~undred Ro~d (Rt.652) and begimnin~ ac a point 2275 feat <br />northwest of Otterdale Road (kt. 067), its sout, he~n boundary; extendi~ 2970 feet. <br />southwestwardlv to a point on Nison Run, being lO00 feet north of Swifv, ~reek, <br />said prope~y extending nor't?.uarc~zy approximately 3000 feet and being traversed <br />by the Colonial Pipe Line Easement and also beinE the northern part of Yarcel' 1 <br />on Tax ltiap, Section 3~, and cites the nee~ for this brick-making material, the <br />location with resnect to a(~jacent property and agrees to restore t~e top soil <br />and drained 'areas w~en hauling is completed. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of I¥;r.[,~srtin~ seconded by fqr.Browning, <br />it is resolved that this Board Erants a Use Permit to conduct an open ~:it mining <br />of clav operation with no t~e iimit sDecified subject to a plan of operatio~ <br />being presented to and alu:roved by' the Executive Secretary. <br /> <br />r~'. N.Graves again comes before t~e Board in behalf of a sewer-.connection request. <br />Upon further consideration of this matter, it is on motion of ~otion of <br />ApDerson, seconded by l'~ir.Br~ninR, resolved that consideration be deferred until <br />the Sanitarian who originally worked with l~dr. Graves on this matter can appear <br />at the Board meeting. <br /> <br />i',ir. Harry ~utledge comes before t¼e Boarc s~.ating that he has a parcel of land <br />lying south from Rt.60~, a divisionof ~,.~hJch was approved by the Planning Con~T~issii0n <br />on October 9, 1965, that ?'.e wishes to consti~uct a house on a proposed 50-ft. <br />road without the necessity of improving this road at this time. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Mr. ~.Tartin, seconded bv I',he.Goyne, <br />it is resolved that a Variance be gran~;ed to Mr.~utledge to build a home in <br />approximately the location of Lot ~, provided that if a future development is <br />contemplated the Plat must be recorded and the roads improved to meet the <br />specifications of the Highway Deoartment. <br /> <br />~h~.J.F.Lanham comes before the Board seeking a Variance from the Subdivision <br />Ordinance to allow the sale of a parcel of land north of F~est Hill Avenue <br />on a proposed 20-ft. right of way, which parcel would be used for business <br />purposes. On motion of Mr.Browning, seconded by Bir.Fiartin, it is resolved theft <br />a Variance be ~ranted to Mr. Lanham to allow the sale of one acFe parcel of l~n~,' <br />in the rear of land located on the north side of Forest hill Avenue appro~imate!y <br />797.~5 feet west of Chippenham Parkway. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Apperson, seconded bM Mr.Goyne, it is resolved that this Board <br />authorizes the sum of ~20.O0 to be paid to James A.Emory on a claim for the <br />killing of two pigs by ~ray dogs. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr.Apperson, seconded by ~[r.Goyne, it is resolved that this Board <br />sign "Assurance of :$ompliance with the Dep~rtment of Defense and Office of <br />Civil Defense Regulations Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Acts of 196~". <br />It is here noted that ~'lr,Flartin votes "No". <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Mr.Apperson, it is resolved that the Chsirm~n <br />and Clerk of this Board be and they hereby are authoriz ed to sign the .,greement <br />dated September 17, 1965 with the Virginia Electric and Power Company for the <br />furnishing of electric service to the Chester Intermediate School Addition. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Browning, seconded by Mr.Goyne, it is resolved that this Board <br />grants a Variance from the Building Code to allow Mrs. Florrie Purdie to put in <br />a permanent foundation on a house trailer at 819 Madison ~venue in Mata~ca. <br /> <br />On motion of ~'ir. Browning, seconded by ~,ir.Apperson, it is resolved .that <br />Treasurer of the County b~ and he hereby is requested to transfer the sum <br />of ~5800.O0 from the Ettrick Operating Fund to the Ettrick Debt Service Fund. <br /> <br /> <br />