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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br />County, held at the Courthouse on <br />December 28, 1965, at 2~00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Irvin G. Gorner, Chairman <br />Mr. H. T. Goyne <br />~'lr. R. J. Britton <br />I,~r. Herbert O. Brownir~g <br />}~r. A. R. Martin <br /> <br />}ir. Oliver Rudy, Asst. Com. Attorney <br />Mr. Robt. A. Painter, Co. Er~gineer <br />Mr. Howard A. Mayo~ Jr.-Co. Planner <br />}.r. }i.W. Burnett,Exec. Sec'y. <br /> <br />Absent; [qr. J. Ruffin Apperson <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Mr. Britton, it is resolved that the <br />resolution of the School Board passed December 15, 1965, reeuesting the Boa~.d <br />of Supervisors to sell ~10,000,000. in School Bonds be and it hereby is <br />received. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Mr. Britton, the following resolution was <br />adopted by the following vote: <br /> <br />Ayes: Irvin G. Homer, H. T. Goyne, R. J. Britton, Herbert <br /> O. Browning and A. R. ~lartin <br /> <br />Nays: None <br /> <br /> BE IT RESOLYED BY.THE BOA~{O O? SUPERVISONS OF CHESTERFIELD <br />COUNTY, gI[~[GINIA: <br /> <br /> 1. Pursuant to the election heretofore held on the llth day of ~'lay, 1965 <br />providing for the issuance of Ten Million Dollars (~10,000,000) of general <br />obligation bonds of Chesterfield County for school purposes, and pursuant to <br />the resolution of the County School Board of Chesterfield County heretofore <br />adopted on the 15th day of December, 1965, ree, uesting the issuance of the Ten <br />Million Dollars (t~10,000,000) bonds for said purposes, a certified copy of <br />which resolution has been filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, <br />there shall now be issued for sai~ purposes, a certified co~y of which <br />resolution has been filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors,there <br />shall now be issued for said purposes Ten Million Dollars (10,000,000) School <br />Bonds of Chesterfield County, Virginia~ to be dated February 1, 1966, all of <br />ssid bonds to be of the denomination of Five Thousand Dollars each, numbered <br />from one(l) upwards, and to mature serially in numerical order, without option <br />of~ prior redemption by the County of Chesterfield, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars <br />(~500,000) bonds on February 1 in each of the years 1967 to 1986, inclusive. <br />Said bonds shall bear interest payable semi-annually February 1 and August 1 <br />at such rate or rates, not exceedin~ six per centum (6[~) per annum as may be <br />fixed at the sale of said bonds. Both principal and intezest of said bonds shall <br />be payable at the Central National Bank of Richmond, Yirginia, or at The Chase <br />Manhattan Bank, N.A., New York, N.Y. at the option of the holder thereof. <br /> <br /> 2. Said bonds shall be executed with the facsimile signature of the Chair= <br />man of the Board of Supervisors and the manual signature of the Clerk of the <br />Board of Supervisors, and a facsimile of the seal of Chesterfield County shall <br />be imprinted on said bonds and the coupons attached to said bonds shall be <br />authenticated with the facsimile sienstures of said Chairman and Clerk, and <br />said bonds, the coupons to be attached thereto and the provisions for registra- <br />tion thereof shall be in substantially the following form: <br /> <br />UNITED ST~TES O? ~ERICA <br /> <br />STATE OF ~IRGINIA <br /> <br />CHESTERFIELD C OU .~Ty <br /> <br />SCHOOL BOND <br /> <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT that Chesterfield County, Virginia, hereby <br />acknowledges itself indebted and for value received promises to pay to the <br />bearer, or, if this bond be registered, to the registered holder hereof, upon <br />surrender of this bond, the sum of Five Thousand Dollars (~5,O00) on the first <br />day of February, 19 , together with interest thereon at 'the rate of <br />per centum, per annum, payable semi-annually FebruarM 1 and August 1 in each <br />year upon presentation and surrender of the respective coupons hereto attached <br />as they severally become due. Both principal of and the interest on this bond <br />are payable in lawful money of the United Staves of America a~i' The Central <br />National Bank of Richmond, Virginia, or at The Chase ~lanhattan Bank, 'N.A., <br />New York, N.Y. at the'option of the holder hereof. <br /> <br /> This bond is one of an issue of bonds issued for capital school improvement <br />purposes, the ac~uisitimn of school sites and other sc~'~ool construction <br />includin~ facilities for an area technical college in C~esterfield County, <br />Virginia, pursuant to and in full compliance with the Constitution and statutes <br /> <br /> <br />