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'v'll%Gi~Ii~: :itt an ac 1out'ned me~:,ting cf +'~, <br />Board of Supervisors of Chest{~rfield Eounty, <br /> v ~ ' ~ ' 1966 <br />held at the Courthouse on ~.abru~r} 26, , <br />at 1:O0 ~.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />i',ir. Irvin G, Horner, Chairman <br />fur. H. T. Goyne <br />l~ir. R.J.Britton <br />Y~. J.Ruffin ADperson <br />Mr. Herbert O.Browning <br />Mr. A. R. Martin <br /> <br />iqr. Ernest P.Gates, Camm.Atty. <br />Mr. [%obt. A.Painter, Co. Engineer <br />~vk~.Howard A. Mayo, Jr. Co. Planner <br />Mr. ~2.W.Burnett, Exec. Sec'y. <br /> <br />On motion of Mt. Ap. person, seconded by Mr. Britton, it is resolved that the minutes <br />of February 9, 1956, be and th~. same are hereby approved. <br /> <br />This day is the time and hour advertised for a public hearing on an amendment <br />to the County Code for adding a new Section tn require the o~mers of all dogs to <br />confine their dogs to the premises of the owner during the first fourteen (lg) <br />days in April and'September of each year. There appearing no one to speak for or <br />against this proposal, on motion of Mr.Britton, seconded by ~ir. Apperson, Be it <br />Ordained by the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County, Virginia, that: <br />Anew section be added to The Code of the County of Chesterfield ,Virginia, known <br />as Section 2-5.3, as fallows: <br /> <br />Sec. 2-~.3 · ; <br /> <br />The owner:3 of all dogs in the County shall confine such dots to the premises of <br />the owner during the first Fourteen days in April and September of each year. <br /> <br />Mr. Henry ~?illiams from the Chester Junior Chamber of Commerce comes before the <br />Board to present several Doctors and Dentists who s~eak in favor' of fluoridating <br />the County's water supply. <br />Dr. Triani cites the savings possible and the value of fluoridation. <br />l)r. Terry Elmore states that the teeth of the Che~terfi. eid children have f~r more . <br />caries than the children of Richmond or Hear'ica County where fluoridation is used. <br />Drs. Nuckols, ?tilson and Kilbourne speak generally in favor cf fluorida~on. <br />i.'.r.;/fiiliams states that this proposal passed the Chester ~aycees without a <br />dissenting vote. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Fir.fqartin, seconded by ~v~r. Browning, <br />it is resolved that the Com~lonwealth's Attorney be and he hereby is requested to <br />prepare an Ordinance for the fluoridation of the County's water supply. <br /> <br />On motion of l~r.Martin, seconded by llir. Browning, it is resolved that the ordinanc~e <br />for fluoridation be advertised for a hearing on March 2[~, 1966. <br /> <br />On motion of }~ir. Goyne, seconde~~. by Mr. Browning, it is resolved that the Director <br />of Dental Health of the State Department of Health be requested to make a survey <br />of the children $f the County so that some comparison may be made of 'the real <br />effects of this program. <br /> <br />IvLr. Robt. Fain~er presented to the Board a request for a sewer connection ton <br />Loyal ::,venue in Matoaca District and states that Er.Van Jackson had made tentative <br />arrangements for approximately ~900.00 to connect to the Ettrick Sanitary District <br />sewer in the alley~ and recommends that the sewer line be extended southward!y <br />from the southern end of Loyal Avenue approximately 760 feet. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motionof ~,:~r. Browning, s~conded by l(r.~ritton, <br />it is resolved that the County Engineer ~e authorized to extend a sewer line <br />approximately 760 feet southwardly, [:rovided Mr. Van Jackson ~ays to thc County <br />of ~hesterf~el5 ~900.00 for a sewer connection. <br /> <br />On morion cf ~<r. Goyne, seconded by i~' ~ ...... it <br />of Che Towcs~ Z~ve~;t~nt. . Company to. change the name <br />· ~ia:e Drive be and fit hereby is approv~ provided s;:'id Company will pay for <br />the installation of the new s~Kn. <br /> <br />zr;ere was :read a letter from !dr..¢r~arl..s Dick, ?astor of the Encn Baptist <br />requesting some improvement on Rt. 619. There ~lso was ~r~:s:,n~'ed a letter from <br />~r. Lancaster sta;~ing that the p~ject is in the ~lanning stage with the <br />~epa rrm eat. ' <br /> <br />On motion of I~ir. Apperson, seconded by Mr. Goyne, it is r'esolved that the roads in <br />the Fuqua Farms Subdivision and Salem Estates Subdivision be recor~er~ded to the <br />Hig.hway Department fcr inc].usion into the State Secondary Sy~stem. <br /> <br />T~ere was read a lette: from Mr.P.D.Coldiron, Local and D~sign Enzineer, I)epartment <br /> <br /> <br />