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Present: <br /> <br />Sir. A. R. Martin <br /> <br />iV]r. !rvin G. Homer', Chairman <br />i',[r. R. [i.8ritton <br /> . .Ruskin :,pperson <br /> <br />,~bse nt: <br /> <br />Er. Robv. A. Paint,:.~r, Co. Engireer <br /> Ernest P. Gates, Comm. ~t'ty. <br />Mr. William Schremp, .:~sst. Co. Engineer <br />Hr. ~',..W. Nurnett,Exec. Sec'y'. <br /> <br />h. T. Goyne <br />Herbert <br /> <br />On motion of Mr Britton, seconded 'cy ~qr. ~oeerson, it is resolved teat the <br />erroneous tax claims be 8nd they her:eby are approved for payment: <br /> <br /> Richard G. Risley Personal Property Tax. <br /> 1830 Logan Street 1965 <br /> Richmond, Virginia <br /> <br /> Herman Realty Co. ~usiness license 80.95 <br /> 209 Mutual Building <br /> Ricbmmnd, Virginia <br /> <br /> b-illiam J. Megne Refund ].965 Counby automobile <br /> 5~1~ Creekview Road license plate 10.00 <br /> Park Lee Apt. 2 <br /> Richmond, Virginia <br /> <br /> Charles R. Eskridge, Jr. Personal Property and County ;. <br /> 2107 ~'~oodmont Drive Capitation 'fax i7.OO <br /> Bon Air, Virginia <br /> <br />On motion of ~P.Apperson, seconded by }~r. Britton, it is resolved that the resolution <br />from. the County Shhool Board concerning the reduction in the County's appropriation <br />to the School Board budget is received and filed with the Board's papers. <br /> <br />On motion of i,/~r .Britt on, seconded by Nr. Apperson, it, is resolved that the request <br />of the School Board for the guarantee of funds for the purchase of twenty-five (25) <br />school buses be and it hereby is approved. <br /> <br />On,motion of Mr. Apperson, seconded by Mr.Britton, it is resolved that this Board <br />reaue~, s the Judge of Circuit Court the Honorable William Old, to r <br />Mr'. James L. Gettings as Dog larden and kr. Jimmy L. Ownby as Deputy Dog ?~arden <br />for the' County of Chesterfield for the ensuing year. <br /> <br />WHEN. E~S., the Police Department cf 3hesterfield has grown considerably in the east <br />few years, and <br /> <br />WHERE~S, Chief Edward P.Gill has carried out in an exemplary manner the duties <br />of Chief of this growing Police Department, <br /> <br />Upon consideration whet. of, and on motion of Fbr.Apperson, seconded by :~r. ~rit5on, <br />it is resolved that the rank of the (Shief of Police of Chesterfield County b~ <br />raised from Najor to Colonel. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr.Britton~ seconded by Hr. npperson, it is resolved that this Boari <br />contributes the sum of ~1000.00 toward the improvement of the Jane Baker fac'~*~es <br />used by the Su~jmer Camp for bhe mentally retarded. <br /> <br />On motion cf Mr. Apperson, seconded by Mr. Britton, it is resolved that the request <br />of the Treasurer of the County for' an additional appropriation of ~300C.OO for <br />postage and ~5,000.00 for extra hel~ due to the addi~ional work involved in the <br />billing of real estate, be, and it hereby is approved, provided the State <br />Cornpensation Board will appropriate one-half of 'these amounts. <br /> <br />On motion of' ?ir. Apperson, seconded by 1,ir. Srir~ton, it is resolved that <br />be and he hereby is authorized to sign a request for approximately <br />Federal Aid in the comine, ~15,00~,~,' OOO.O0 Vster and Sewer' Improvement, Program. <br /> <br /> . ~ <br />On mo~ion of NP.aritton, seconded by l.'ir.Apperson~ it is reao~ve..~ <br /> aut.,~:rizea to receive !,~-~ on "'~'~ s~le of <br />, 5~ and he hereby is <br />machines in ~he w <br /> ,,aoe~ Department. <br /> <br />On motion of ~,]r. BriEton~ seconded by~;r.~.~art,~n' ~" '~ , it i5 resolw~d bhat tYis .Board <br />grants the 'reo~est of the ~ick~nond ~rea Psychiatric. Clinic for the sum of <br /> .... 1966- ' 67 <br />in the comlng bud;let. <br /> <br />· ~ ,.o=~owlng ~o=..o were i'olT~x~lly :~c~'t,~d in%o ?,>.~c~ 'r-+ <br />roads: <br /> <br />i',iiniborya Se,bdiv ision: <br /> - ~ro,:~.section of ~-.._nz,, Drive, <br />?,!onza Court from the .... ~ '~'~ ~ runnin~ 0.06 <br />mii~ north to a turn-arounc an:: '-:.03 miles south t.o a turn <br /> <br /> <br />