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ii On motion of Mr. Apperson, seconded by Mr.Britton, it is resolved that this Board <br /> <br /> schedule a tour of all water ~nd sewer facilities on May 6, 1966; <br /> <br /> On moftion of Mr. Apperson, seconded by Mr. Browning, it is resolved that the <br /> following street light requests be and they hereby are referred to the Light <br /> Committee: <br /> <br /> 1. Newkirk and Stockwood Road in ¥oodstock <br /> 2. Dudley Road in Victoria Hills <br /> 3. Corner of Petersburg and Snead Streets <br /> Rt. 147 and Dovershire Road <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr.Britton, seconded by Mr. Apperson, it is resolved that the Street <br />Light Committee's report recommending the installation of 15 street lights be and <br />it hereby is approved. <br /> <br />Thi day the Board received a recommendation from the Board of Equalization of <br /> s <br />Real Estate assessments fhat the County Assessor, Mr.J.T.Rose, be allowed three <br />additional qualified appraisers. Upon consideration where, of, and on motion of <br />Rlr. Britton, seconded by ~[r.~artin, it is resolved that this recommendation be <br />received for further study, <br /> <br />~JHEREAS, it is apparent that the assessing Board of the County had increased real. <br />estate assessments in several locations in the County to a great degree, and <br /> <br />~fHEREAS, there are certain inequities that seem to be present in other locations, <br />it is on motion of Mr.Apperson, seconded by Mr. Britton, resolved that this Board <br />requests the County Assessor with the aid of the Executive Secretary to prepare <br />guide lines for more conservative assessment of real estate in Chesterfield ~County~ <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Anperson, seconded by Mr.Britton, ~t is resolved that the Executi~e <br />Secretary be authorized to seek a pri~e from the Michie City Publications Company <br />for bringing up to date the County's Code of Ordinances and to order additional <br />copies of the No.2 Volume. <br /> <br />On motion of R?r. Browning, seconded by Mr. Anperson, it is resolved that the County <br />PurChasing Agent be and he hereby is authorized to purchase a new truck for the <br />Ettrick Sanitary District. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Apperson, seconded by R~.Britton, it is resolved that the following <br />erroneous tax claims be and they hereby are approved: <br /> <br />John F. Wagemann, Sr. <br />3030 Dorset Road <br />Richmond, Virginia <br /> <br />Morris Hankey <br />Hruley Hankey <br />Robert Styer <br />Rt. ~g ,Box 186C <br />Glen All on,Va. <br /> <br />L965 Trailer license <br /> <br />Business license <br /> <br />$12. O0 <br /> <br />14.76 <br /> <br />Frank E.Williamson <br />1105 Chiswick Road <br /> <br />Richmond, Virginia <br /> <br />John F. Branch,Jr. <br />5223 Centralir Road <br />Richmond, Virginia <br /> <br />Personal Property & <br />Capitation Taxes <br /> <br />Trailer Tax <br /> <br />14.49 <br /> <br />12.50 <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Browning, seconded by Mr.Apperson, it is resolved that the request <br />of the Progress-Index for advertising of the County of Chesterfield in the <br />Anniversary Edition of the Traveler, a military newspaper for Fort ~ee, be receive~ <br />'for further study. <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary read a letter from Mr. B .V .Mason , Chairman of the Advisory <br />Policy Committee, requesting the Board to ap oint som <br />"Head-Start- Pro ram f . . _p e member to attend the <br /> g or Chesterfield during the summer of 1966. Upon consideration <br />whereof, and onmotion of Mr. Apperson, seconded by Mt. Browning, it is resolved that <br />Mr. Goyne be appointed representative of the Board for this meeting. <br /> <br />Y~r. Poole, spokesman for a group of approximately 15 people from the ?oint O'Rocks <br />Road comes befor~ the Board requesting further study on the County's part for the <br />installation of water on said road, and states that approximately 65 people will <br />guarantee to connect to the County's water system should same be installed. <br />After much discussion, it was a~reed that the County Engineer would study this <br />proposition, and report at a later date. <br /> <br />Mr.Daugherty, of the Chester Fire Department, displays a seal somewhat altered <br />from the Board of Supervisors' seal of the County and requests that this be <br />approved for badges for the Chester Fire Department. Upon consideration whereof, <br />and on motion of Mr. Martin, seconde~ by Mr. Apperson, it is resolved that this <br />emblem be approved for all County Fire and Rescue Squa~s. <br /> <br /> <br />