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NOTED WITH "STAFF/CPC" WERE AGREED UPON BY BOTH STAFF AND THE <br />COMMISSION. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A "STAFF" ARE RECOMMENDED SOLELY BY <br />STAFF. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A "CPC" ARE ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS <br />RECOMMENDED BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION.) <br /> <br />PROFFERED CONDITIONS <br /> <br />The Owner and the Applicant (the "Applicant") in this zoning case, pursuant to Section 15.2-2298 of <br />the COde of Virginia (1950. as amended) and the Zoning Ordinance of Chesterfield County,. for <br />themselves and their successors or assigns, proffer that the development of.the 21.6 parcel (the <br />"ProPerty") that is a part of the property known as GPIN 773-648-0618 (Part of) Under consideration <br />will be developed.according to the following conditions, if, and only if, the rezonlng from A to 1-2 is <br />granted. In the event the request is denied or approved with conditions not agreed to 'by the <br />Applicant, the proffers and conditions shall immediatelybe null and void and of no further force or <br />effect. <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 1. <br /> <br />The Property shall only be accessed by use of existing driveway <br />located on the parcel to the north (Part of Tax ID #773-648-0618) of <br />'the Property. (T) <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 2. <br /> <br />Prior to any site plan approval, forty-five (45) of fight-of-way on the <br />west side of Lewis Road, measured from the centerline of that part of <br />Lewis Road immediately adjacent the property, shall be dedicated, <br />free and unrestricted, to and for the benefit of Chesterfield County. <br />(T) <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 3. <br /> <br />Prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit, additional pavement <br />shall be constructed along Lewis Road at the existing driveway that <br />serves the adjacent parcel to the north (Part of Tax ID #773-648- <br />0618) to provide a right mm lane:The developer shall dedicate free <br />and unrestricted, to and for the benefit of Chesterfield CoUnty, any <br />additional right-of-way (or easements) necessary for this <br />improvement. (T) <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 4. <br /> <br />Except as otherwise provided, no more than 200,000 square feet of <br />mini-warehouse space shall be developed on the Property.. If either a <br />use other than mini-warehouse or more than 200,000 sqUare feet of <br />mini-warehouse is to be developed on the Property, the density of that <br />use shall be limited to a density that is anticipated to generate a traffic <br />volume equivalent to the 200,000 square feet of mini-warehouse <br />space, as determined by the Transportation Department. The <br />Transportation Department may increase the density on the Property, <br />provided the developer or others, as the ease may' be, reconstruct <br />Lewis Road as a two (2) lane facility with twenty,two (22) foot wide <br />travel lanes with. an additional one (1) foot wide paved shoulder plus <br />a seven (7) foot wide unpaved shoulder on each side of the road from <br /> <br />2 03 SN0247-SEPT17-BOS <br /> <br /> <br />