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The proposed zoning and land uSes conform to the Jefferson Davis. Corridor Plan <br />which suggests the property is appropriate for general commercial Use. <br /> <br />Bo <br /> <br />The proposed zoning and land uses are compatible with and representative of existing <br />and anticipated nOn-residential development along this portion of the Jefferson Davis <br />Highway Corridor. <br /> <br />II. Recommend approval' of the amendment to zoning (Case .98SN0115) relative to access and <br /> uses. Recommend' denial of the amendment relative to paving and height of stored <br /> equipment and that Proffered Conditions 7 and 8 :not be accepted. <br /> <br /> A. The amendments relative to access will minimize traffic impact by limiting access to <br /> Jefferson Davis Highway for the enti~e parcel to a single entrance/exit. <br /> <br />Ce <br /> <br />The amendmentS relative to uses clarifies that the uses permitted include those <br />permitted by right and with restrictions inthe C-3 and I-1 Districts. <br /> <br />The excePtions to :paving and storage height requirements are inconsistent with the <br />goals and policies of the Jefferson Davis Corridor Plan which recommends <br />improving the image and aesthetic qualitY of development along the cOrridor. <br /> <br />III. <br /> <br />Recommend denial of the Conditional Use Planned Development to permit exceptions to <br />paving and screening of storage area requirements and that Proffered Conditions 2, 7, 8 and <br />10 not be accepted. This recommendation is made for the following reason: <br /> <br />The exceptions are inconsistent with the goals and policies of the JefferSon Davis <br />Corridor Plan which recommends improving the image and aesthetic qualitY of <br />development along the corridor. <br /> <br />(NOTE: ~CONDITIONS MAY' BE IMPOSED OR THE PROPERTY OWNER-MAY PROFFER <br />OTHER CONDITIONS. THE CONDITIONS NOTED WITH. "STAFF/CPC" WERE AGREED <br />UPONBY BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A "STAFF" <br /> V! <br />ARE~-RECOMMENDED SOLELY BY STAFF. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A' CPC ARE <br />ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS RECOMMENDED BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION.) <br /> <br />PROFFERED CONDITIONS <br /> <br />The following shall apply to that portion of the property being <br />rezoned to C-5 (Tax IDs 791-677-3297, 3392 and.4695, 791-678- <br />3418, 3513, 3608 and 3703): <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) <br /> <br />A minimum twenty-five (25) foot buffer shall be maintained <br />along the western property boundary adjacent to the Taw <br />Street right-of-way. This buffer shall conform to the <br /> <br />2 02SN0145-SEPT17,BOS <br /> <br /> <br />