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Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Irvin G. Homer, Chairman <br />Mm. H. T.Goyne <br />Mr.R.J.Britton <br />Mr. J.Ruffin Apperson <br />~r.H.O.Browning <br />Mr. A.R. ~rtin <br /> <br />ViRGINIa: At a regular meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br />County, held at the Courthouse on <br />November 9~ 1966 at 9:00 a.m. <br /> <br />I~r. Oliver D.Rudy, Comm. Atty. <br />Mr. Howard A. Mayo, Jr. Co. Planner <br />Mr. Robt.A.Painte~ 'go.Eng. <br />M~. David Weichons, Asst. Eng. <br />Mr. M.W.Burnett, Exec. Sec'y. <br />Mr. John E. Longmire, Asst. <br /> <br /> Mr. Anperson gives the invocation. <br />The Board of Supervisors approved all claims for the month of October, 1966, and <br />requested the Treasurer of the County to pay claims as follows: <br /> General County Fund: <br />Check No. 10,09,3 tb~u Check No.lO~200 <br />Check No.4001 thru Check No.~,162, ~,~ - ~ <br />Check No.6359 thru Check No.6,61i, in the aggregate amount of .oz52,1~2.13 <br /> <br />County 'Garage Fund: <br />Check No. 10,133, 10,~36, <br />~he~k No. 2,152 and <br />Check No.3768 thru Check No.3769 <br />Check ho.377~ thru Check No. 3779, <br />Check No. 5790 thru Check No.~793'i <br /> <br />in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />~og Tax Fund: <br />· ~h~,ck No. 10,127 thru Check No. 10 130, <br />~]heck No. 3781 thru Check No. <br />Check No.3789, Check No.3798 and 3795, in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />6,229.11 <br /> <br />EttriekOperating. Fund: <br />~?:eck <br />u,,eck i~,io.3706, 'C~eck No.3503 ~o~... ~r~'~in the aggregate-; amount <br /> <br />532.79 <br /> <br />Street and ~[osd Sign ~'und: <br /> <br />Check No.3755 and 3786, in the aggregate amount <br /> <br />5torero'om: <br />,~h~c~ No. 3761 thru Check No.~763, <br /> - ~aecL No.3787 anc'] 3788, <br />ChecM No.3770, :" - , <br /> <br />Pa~rr el! Deduction: <br />Check NO. 3759~ and 3~60~ Check No.3771 thru Check No. <br />3,7~, Check No.3797 thru Checi,: ~'~o.3709, Check 5, o.38C0 <br />thru 3802,Check No. 3805 and 3806, Check ?,[0.3807 .~nd 38Og <br />i~,the azgregate amount of <br /> <br />Utiliti es Deoartn',ent-Operating: <br />Personal ServSces ~13,199.47 <br />Contractual Services 12,671.20 <br />Materinls & .Supplies 56~217.03 <br />ReDlsc~ents and idditions 290.6~ <br /> <br />$82,378.35 <br /> <br />R~fund Meter Depos%ts <br />Refund Sewer Revenue <br /> <br />Re, fund Water Revenue <br /> <br />R~fund Meter Connections <br /> <br />~on st ru cti on: <br /> <br />Personal Services <br />Contractual Services <br />Materials & Supplies <br />Replacements and Additions <br />~o.Construction Refund l~ev. <br /> <br />$~;938.35 <br />18,80~.00 <br />7,276.81 <br />18.16 <br />41~.17 <br /> <br />960.00 <br /> 62.58 <br /> <br /> 72.3'~ <br />240.00 <br /> <br />30,&52 .~9 <br /> <br /> <br />