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The .proposed zoning and land uses are compatible with eXisting and anticipated area <br />industrial development. <br /> <br />'The requested setback exceptions are appropriate.' Since the 'plan suggests the <br />adjacent properties are appropriate for light industrial use. <br /> <br />Do <br /> <br />Development requirementS of the Zoning OrdinanCe .further ensure compatibility <br />with existing and proposed'area developmenL <br /> <br />(NOTE: CONDITIONS MAY BE IMPOSED OR THE PROPERTY OWNER MAY. PROFFER <br />CONDITIONS. THE CONDITIONS NOTED WITH "STAFF/CPC"WERE AGREED UPON BY <br />BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION. CONDITIONS WITH .ONLY A "STAFF" ARE <br />RECOMMENDED SOLELY BY STAFF. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY .A "CPC" ARE <br />ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS RECOMMENDED BY THE PLANNING cOMMISSION.) <br /> <br />CONDITIONS <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 1. <br /> <br />In conjunction with approval of this request, an exception shall be <br />granted to allow uses and accessory uses on this property, to be <br />located .a minimum of fifty (50) feet from Tax IDs 803-655~7579, <br />7963 and'8949and 803-656-5830 until such time as those parcelS are <br />zoned for similar uses. (P) <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 2. <br /> <br />Development shall not occur on the portion of the property eastofthe <br />power lines and adjacent to the James River unless a hard-lined <br />conveyance system is constructed t° the James River. (EE) ' <br /> <br />PROFFERED CONDITIONS <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 1. <br />(STAFF/CPC) 2. <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 3. <br /> <br />(STAFF/CPC) 4. <br /> <br />The public water and wastewater systems Shall be Used. (U) <br /> <br />Prior to any site plan approval, a sixty-(60) foot wide right-of-way for <br />a public road (''Battery Dantzler Road Extended"):from the current <br />terminus of Battery Dantzler Road to Old Stage Road Shall be <br />dedicated, free and unrestricted, to and forthe benefit of Chesterfield <br />County. The exact location of this right, of-way shall'be approvedby <br />the Transportation Department. (T) <br /> <br />Direct access from the property to Old ,Stage ROad shall be limited to <br />Battery. Dantzler Road Extended. (T) <br /> <br />To provide:for an adequate roadway system, the developer shall be <br />responsible for the following road improvements: <br /> <br />2 03 SN0318-NOV25-BOS <br /> <br /> <br />