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Proffered Condition 1 has been amended to reduce the number of lots fi:om thirty-seven (37) to eight <br />(8) in anticipation that the recreational facilities intended to serve this development and the <br />development proposed by Case 02SN0259 will be constructed on the subject property. <br /> <br />Proffered Condition 11 has been amended to clarify that the cash proffer will be expended for <br />"infrastructure improvements with the service district for the property." <br /> <br />Proffered Condition 18 has been added addressing the ability to install a traffic island/circle in <br />conjunction with the internal road network. This proffer would not require installation ora traffic <br />circle but would allow the developer the option. Proffered Conditions 19 and 20 require certain <br />recreational facilities to be constructed on the subject property prior to recordation of more than 300 <br />lots on the subject property and the property which is the subject of Case 02SN0259 and limit the <br />phosphorous mnoffuntil such time as the County obtains its initial permit for the implementation of <br />the Upper Swift Creek Watershed Plan. <br /> <br />Staff continues to recommend approval of this request for the reasons outlined in the "Request <br />Analysis and Recommendation". Further, staff recommends acceptance of the revised and additional <br />proffered conditions submitted on November 25, 2003. <br /> <br />PROFFERED CONDITIONS <br /> <br />18. <br /> <br />A maximum of 8 lots shall be permitted. (P) <br /> <br />The applicant, subdivider, or assignee(s) shall pay the following to the County of <br />Chesterfield prior to the issuance of ;each building permit(s) for infrastructure <br />improvements within the service district for the property: <br /> <br />a. $9,000 per lot, if paid prior to JUly 1, 2003; or <br /> <br />The amount approved by the Board of Supervisors not to exceed $9,000 per <br />lot adjusted upward by any increase in the Marslhall and Swift building cost <br />index between July 1, 2002 and July 1 of the fiscal year in which the payment <br />is made if paid after June 30, 2003; and <br /> <br />In the event the cash payment is not used for the purposes for which proffered <br />within 15 years of receipt, the cash shall be returned in full to the payor. <br />(B&M) <br /> <br />To the extent permitted by the Transportation Department and VDOT, in conjunction <br />with the construction of the internal road work, one (1) traffic island/circle may be <br />provided. The exact design and location of this traffic island/circle shall be approved <br />by the Transportation Department. (T) <br /> <br />2 04SN0116-NOV2-ADDENDUM-BOS <br /> <br /> <br />