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November 25, 2003 BS <br /> <br />ADDENDUM <br /> <br />04SR0156 <br /> <br />Mary H. Barlow <br /> <br />Matoaca Magisterial District <br /> 6120 Matoaca Road <br /> <br />REQUEST: Renewal of Manufactured Home Permit 97SN0108 to park a manufactured home in a <br /> Residential (R-7) District. <br /> <br />On November 25, 2003, the property owner, John M. Hubbard, Jr. requested that Condition 1 be <br />amended. The applicant is the property owner's daughter who originally resided in the manufactured <br />home. The daughter no longer resides in the manufactured home. The property owner desires to live <br />in the home. Therefore, staff recommends that Condition 1 be amended as stated herein. <br /> <br />SINCE THIS AMENDMENT WAS NOT SUBMITTED PRIOR TO ADVERTISEMENT OF <br />THE CASE, THE BOARD WOULD NEED TO SUSPEND THE PROCEDURES TO <br />CONSIDER THE CHANGE. <br /> <br />CONDITION <br /> <br />The applicant and/or the property owner (John M. Hubbard, Jr.) shall be the occupant <br />of the manufactured home. <br /> <br />Staff continues to recommend approval of this request as outlined in the "Request Analysis" subject <br />to revised Condition 1 and Conditions 2 through 5. <br /> <br />Providing a FIRST CHOICE Community Through Excellence in Public Service <br /> 04SR0156-NOV25 -ADDENDUM-BOS <br /> <br /> <br />