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~November 25, 2003 BS <br /> <br />STAFF'S <br />REQUEST ANALYSIS <br />AND <br />RECOMMENDATION~¢` <br /> <br /> 04SR0156 <br /> <br /> Mary H. Barlow <br /> <br /> Matoaca Magisterial District 612'0 Matoaca ROad <br /> <br />REQUEST: Renewal of Manufactured Home Permit 97SN0108 to park a manufactured home in a <br /> Residential (R-7) District. <br /> <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br />Recommend approval for the following reasons: <br /> <br />A. This request is for renewal of a previously approved manufactured home permit. <br />B. This request will not have an adverse impact on the character ofthis residential area. <br />CONDITIONS <br /> <br />The applicant shall be the owner and occupant of the manufactured home. <br /> <br />Manufactured home permit shall be granted for a period not to exceed seven (7) years <br />from date of approval. <br /> <br />No lot or parcel may be rented or leased for use as a manufactured home site nor <br />shall any manufactured home be used for rental property. <br /> <br />No additional permanent-type living space may be added onto a manufactured home. <br />All manufactured homes shall be skirted but shall not be placed on a permanent <br />foundation. <br /> <br />Providing a FIRST CHOICE Community ThrOugh Excellence in Public Service <br /> <br /> <br />