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On motion of [~.Ir. ~[~person, seconded by ~'~ir. Browning, it is resolved theft the <br />following street light request be referred to the J~treet Light Committee: <br /> <br /> Sheffield Plsce~ Beechnut Street, Hudson and Roane Street, and <br /> that the light presently on ~auline Street be taken over by the <br /> County. <br /> <br />On motion of [~,r.~iartin, seconded by ~.'[r. Apperson, it is resolved that the recuest <br />of ~[r. George J. ?~ .... <br /> ~cK~nney for a Variance from the Subdivision Ordinance to ~aive, <br />at this time~ the construction of scul de sac in fron~ of his lot r~corded as <br />!'McKinney's Acre and Six-Tenths, be and it hereby is approved. <br /> <br />On motion of ~r.A~person, seconded by ~','lr. Browning, it is resolved that the r eoues~ <br />of the Beach Grange be sent to the Highway Department. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Apperson~ seconded by Mr. Martim, it is resolved that the County <br />renew its subscription to the County Information Service with the National <br />~lssociation of Counties, provided all Board members, the Executive Secretary and <br />t. he Commonwealth's Attorney be furnished copies of this information service. <br /> <br />This day the Board of Supervisors considered the petition of [?. B. Proctor g.I. <br />Dalton, ~ rlze rurlington and James Cary, Trustees for the ~'~anches~er BaptiSt <br />Church, to a~prove the vacation of a portion of Block "B'~ of ~Jest Chesterfield <br />Gardens, as shown on the map of said Subdivision recorded in Plat ~ook 10~ <br />page 32, in the Clerk's Office, of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County,Virginia. <br /> <br />Now, Therefore, Be it [~esolved, on motion of Mr.Britton, seconded by Mt.Browning, <br />the following resolution was adopted: <br /> <br />W~EREAS, the aforesaid Trustees of I~Ianchester Baptisv Church are the fee simple <br />owners of Lots 1, 2, 3, ~? 5, 6, 7 ~,nd 8, Block B, Plan of ?~est Chesterfield <br />Gardens, as 'aforesaid, which are all of the tots in said Block B, of said <br />subdivision; and <br /> <br />WHE~EaS, each of the above Lots 1 throu~h 8, inclusive, is crossed by a 16-foot <br />easement for surface amd underground drainage and underground and overhead <br />utilities extending from Clearfield Street to Kimrod but which easement is <br />not devoted to any such purpose, and which easement affects anm £mpairs the use <br />of the above mentioned lots by ~'~anchester Baptist Church; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the proposed vacation will not interfere with any rights of any party <br />having any interest in the Subdivision except the parties hereto. <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE iT RESOLVED: That this Board doth approve the vacatio~ of that <br />portion of the Plan of ~,~e~t Chesterfield Gardens, Block "B", with respect vo the <br />16-foot easement for surface and underground drainage and underground and overhead <br />utilities as shown on the subdivision plan made by J.K.Tinm~ons, Civil Engineer, <br />under date of October 10, 1956, and of record in ~lav Book 10, page 32, in the <br />Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield Counvy, Virginia. <br />This resolution is conditioned upon and shall become effective when the ~etitioner~ <br />shall have executed and acknowledged for recordation on a form a~pro~ed ~y the <br />Commonwealth's Attorney, an appropriate Declaration of Vacation. <br />When such Declaration has been so a Dproved, the same shall be recorded in the <br />Clerk's Office of the CircuitCourt ~nd the Clerk of said Court shall indica~e <br />the vacation and the ~bandonment of the aforesaid property on the r~'~corded Plan <br />of West Chesterfield Gardens. <br /> <br />On motion of ~[r.~,..[artin, seconded by Mr. Apperson, it is resolved tha~ the following, <br />Ordinance be advertised: <br /> <br />aN ORbINaNOE, to amend the Code of the County of Chesterfield Virginia, <br />Chapter 2, Section 2-5.1, controlling the running a~ large of'dogs <br />during the period ~aw 1 to ~eDtember 1~ of each y~ar by readopting Section <br />2-5.1 as amended, to prohibit the running at large of dogs anytime <br />after having been notified as prescribed, by certain persons that the <br />owner's dog is running at large. <br /> <br />BE IT ORD~INED BY THE BOARD OF SUPEfNI~ORS OF YHE COUNTY OF CHEST~!FIELD,VIR~NIS~ <br /> <br /> 1. That Chapter 2, Section 2~5.1 of the Code of the County of Chesterfield, <br /> Virginia, be repealed and readopted as follows: <br /> <br /> Sec. 2m5.1. ----Running at large. <br /> <br /> Any owner having been notified in writing by any landowner, game warden, <br /> dog warden, or other offic:erof the law, e~ther by registered or certified <br /> mail addressed to tha&~uress of the owner of such doe, or by service of notice <br /> by an officer of the law~ that his dog is running a~ large, it shall be <br /> unlawful for the said owner of such dog to permit such dog to run at large <br /> within the County. <br /> <br /> Any person violating this section shall be punished by a fine of no~ less <br /> than five nor more than twe~ty-five dollars. <br /> <br /> This ordinance shall be infull force and effect after its enactment a~ <br /> prescribed by law. <br /> <br /> <br />