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VIRGINIA: At a regular meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County, <br />held at the Courthouse on June 10, 196&, at <br />9:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. H. T.Goyne, Chairman <br />Mr. Irvin G. Homer <br />~r. R.J. Britton <br />Il'Ir. J.Ruffi-n Appe rson <br />Rir. Herbert O.Browning <br />Mr.A ~R.Martin <br /> <br />~[r. Apperson g~ves the invocation. <br /> <br />The Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield Coumty thia day approved all claims <br />presented for the month of May, 1964, and ~uthorized the Treasurer of the <br />County to issue warrants as follows: <br /> <br />General County Fund: <br />From Check No. 3223 through Check No. 3~3~, <br />Check No. 8742 through Check No.898~, in the <br />aggregate amount of <br /> <br />$ 130,131.22 <br /> <br />_Dog Tax Fund: <br />Check No. ~251 through Check No. 3254, <br />Check No. 2219 through Check No. 2241, and <br />Check No. 2281 and 2282, in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />2,271.07 <br /> <br />County Garage Fund: <br />From Check No. 3255 through Check No. 3258, <br />Check No.22~2 through Checo No.2259, in the aggregate <br />amount of <br /> <br />5,959.0~ <br /> <br />Ettrick Operating Fund: <br />Check No. 3249 and 3250, Check No. 2.260 <br />through Check No. 2269, in the aggregate amount of <br /> <br />1,766.62 <br /> <br />Ettrick Construction Fund: <br />Check No. 2270, in the amount of <br /> <br />2OO.00 <br /> <br />Storeroom Fund: <br />Check No. 2271 through Checo No.2279, in the amount of <br /> <br />276.91 <br /> <br />Special Street and Road Sign Fund: <br />Check No. 22~-in the amount of <br /> <br />150.O0 <br /> <br />Payroll Deduction Fund: <br />Check No.2217 and 2218, Check No.228~, <br />Check No. 2285 through Check No. 2288, in the aEgregate <br />amou nv of <br /> <br />13,599.15 <br /> <br />Utilities Department - Operating: <br />Personal Servic es $6; 826.~7 <br />Contractual Services 8~960.52 <br />Materials & Supplies 2,200.02 <br />Replacements & Additions _ 864.18 <br /> <br />Refund Revenue: <br /> <br />Construction Fund <br />~er so,al Services <br /> <br />Contractual Servicss <br />Materials & Supplies <br />Totsl Construction <br /> <br />205.85 <br />020.4~9 <br /> <br />Refund Construction Contracts: <br /> <br />Central Store~: <br /> <br />18,851.19 <br /> 127.72 <br /> <br />7,70~.33 <br /> <br /> 557.13 <br />6,5~9.10 <br /> <br /> <br />