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Board of Supervisors <br />Renny Bush Humphrey <br />Kelly E. Miller <br />Edward B. Barber <br />J.L. McHale III <br />Arthur S. Warren <br /> <br />County Administrator <br />Lane B. Ramsey <br /> <br />Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on February 21, 2001 <br /> <br />3:30 P.M. SESSION <br /> <br />COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S COMMENTS <br /> <br />Mr. Ramsey recognized members of the Black History Month Committee and expressed <br />appreciation for their efforts at coordinating the County's Black History Month events. <br /> <br />Mr. Ramsey recognized Major David Hutton with the Sheriff's Office who will be representing <br />the Virginia Law Enforcement Officers at the Special Olympics in Anchorage, Alaska. <br /> <br />Mr. Ramsey stated that the County celebrated Presidents' Day with posters announcing that its <br />government offices were open to the public, and bookmarks listing the names of all United States <br />Presidents were distributed to citizens. <br /> <br />RESOLUTIONS AND SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS <br /> <br />Approved <br /> <br />Approved <br /> <br />Resolution recognizing Mrs. Eunice Griffin for her dedicated service to <br />the Chesterfield Community Services Board. <br /> <br />Resolution recognizing Mrs. Lynne Cooper for her dedicated service to <br />the Chesterfield Community Services Board. <br /> <br />WORK SESSIONS <br /> <br />Mr. Lane Ramsey, County Administrator, and Ms. Becky Dickson, Budget Director, presented a <br />summary of the Countywide Strategic Plan and FY2002 Revenues. <br /> <br />Community Services Board (CSB) members Thomas "Mac" Deadmore, C. Richard Scales and <br />Frances Hayes Brown presented highlights of annual accomplishments of the CSB, future <br />challenges to be met, and a summary of the CSB's operational plan for continuing to meet its <br />mission of providing quality behavioral health services to County citizens. <br /> <br />Mr. David Welchons, Chairman of the Social Services Board, presented an overview of <br />programs administered by the Social Services Department and review of critical issues. <br /> <br /> <br />