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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY <br />BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br /> AGENDA <br /> <br />Page I of I <br /> <br />Meeting Date: February 23, 2005 <br /> <br />Item Number: 2. A, <br /> <br />Subject: County Administrator' s Comments <br /> <br />County Administrator's Comments: <br /> <br />County Administrator: <br /> <br />Board Action Requested: <br /> <br />Summary of Information: <br /> <br />Mr. Michel Zajur, CEO/President of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, <br />will present a report on activities of the Chamber of Commerce to the <br />Chesterfield Board of Supervisors. <br /> <br />Preparer: Lisa Elko <br /> <br />Title: Clerk to the Board <br /> <br />Attachments: <br /> <br />[---~ Yes <br /> <br />No <br /> <br />~0000:1. <br /> <br /> <br />