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Table of Content <br /> <br />I. Fact Sheet - The Technology: Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) <br /> <br />II. Fact Sheet - The Services: Verizon FiOS <br /> <br />III. FTTP Architecture <br /> <br />IV. <br /> <br />What Others Are Saying About Verizon's FTTP Deployment <br />and FiOS Services <br /> <br />News Release - Verizon Brings Blazing - Fast Computer <br />Connections to Leesburg, McLean, Springfield Area <br />Customers <br /> <br />VI. Signage- Upgrading Your Service <br /> <br />VII. Ivy H. Smith Company Letter- Notification <br /> <br />VIII. Signage- Verizon FiOS Installed Here <br /> <br />IX. Ivy H. Smith Company Letter-Completion <br /> <br />X. Homeowner Memo <br /> <br />XI. Article byTom Whipple <br /> <br /> <br />