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Ihle/':er£ord Paint & baIlpaper Co. <br /> <br />thlll Street Hdwe. & StlI~TII <br />Hi~;'bway Mohy. A Sunr~l.y <br />N. B. Goodwyn ~. ~ons <br />Fish Service <br />Lllinl, t~s ~tlDply Co. <br />~leet~ical Equipment <br /> <br />Deft. o~ Publ ic Ut[1%ties <br />Dept& of Highways <br />I~emis~ Equipment Comp. <br />Re) 1wood Motom <br /> <br />]~o~d Roc~ Hdwe. <br /> <br />l{uI] ~treet Hdwn. <br />Russell R, M~oDona]d <br />R~dio Go~p. of Ame~iaa <br />'l idewater Supply <br /> <br />Leslie [I, l{rooks <br /> <br />I~r'ushes. C,I o-l,yne $ 26.61 <br />Turpentine paint <br />Il. S. i)riil bit 5-22 <br />Repair magnet%con tractor 179.95 <br />O onler, t, nails 126.~2 <br />Tubes. re,~ai rs ]0.92 <br />~ix ~/~" couplin~;s I.S0 <br />Repairs to Du~t) <br />Axe, riles <br />~ ~/~;" x 1" stops 9,~1 <br />Permit fees 100.00 <br />Repairs <br />[~elt. gr~was~, ri dialer solder. <br />ad,lusting [)makes. inspection 10.~0 <br />Hacksaw blades, couplin~s <br />chisel, hammer 1~.16 <br />Ilrfl I bit. s .5.22 <br />Repairs Tm'up 132. <br />For radio complete t411.00 <br />Bushings, coupling:s, ells 317.89 <br />Labo~- layin~f pine ~070.1~ <br />~a t, er %tlpervi sot <br /> <br />$13,381.98 , <br /> <br /> This da}' Mr. C. F. Kel]arn, and blt. Fauntleroy of the tIi~lhway Department, <br /> appeared before tho Board a~cl staled t~enerally that subdivision roads in the <br /> Cotlnty lied been ,p, ite exr~onsive to maintaiD dtlFin~ the past wet w~athor and <br /> sllt~llosted tiler oeFl~aps t~lt~ I%oal'd wotlld chan,;e its policy %o force the sub- <br /> d~vi(l~r to pave sub(iivisi~n streets and roads. <br /> It was t~en~rally a~,~reed that <br /> this matter be delayed for furtT~er cot~sideration. <br /> <br /> This day Mr. 0. F. Ko]lam, Resident Enl~ineer, nresef]tin~ a raqllest to the <br /> <br /> aothority of Mr. ". 11. Simpson, reqtestini; the Board to permit %he Railroad <br /> Oo..:,any [o cross the road right of way with a siding track on Rt. 1619. Upon <br /> consideration whereof and o~l motion of Mr. Goyne~ seconded by Mr. Gunter, <br /> is resolved }}Iai %his Board approve the r~qtlost of th~ Seaboard Airline RR <br /> Company, dated 51arch h, 1915~ presented by Mr. O. F. Kellam, by authority <br /> of Mr. i(. D. Simpson, to al. low said siding track to cross said road on riffht <br /> way ~ow ownedby the Railroad Company. <br /> <br /> On motion of M~. Britton, seconded by D~. Gill, it is ~esolved that this <br /> Fioard request the llk~;hway lJer)artment to discontinue Section I, as shown on a <br /> map of Pro~ect Z320-13, the same bsir,~I .09 of a mile on Rt. 1666, soothwa~t <br /> of Rt. 36O. <br /> <br />And be it ftlpi;her Pesolved that tile [[i~hway DepaFtm¢~nt be re(luesied to take <br />Section ~ of s~id .au~ ~hich Section is .0~ of a mile arid a connectin~f rna(i, <br />between Itt. 1686 aIld Rt. 36o. <br /> <br />On motion of 5I~. [~itt)n, seconded by Mr. [{aque, it is resolved that this <br />]/oard request tile Hi~hway l)eDartment to improve OovimfIton Street, between Old <br />Ri;. 60 add Rt. 360, at a cost oct to exceed ~100.00. <br /> <br />This day }lie County Road EH~:inoeP in accordance with diPections fFom the <br />I;oard made report ie writing Ilpol] his examination of Mast Drive, in the sub- <br />division of l[uth Gardens, in Manchester bla/iistoria1 District, %vhich report <br />shows that in the o~ioton of tho County Road En~:ineer it is expedient that <br />said road i~e estal)l i. shed as a ~)tl ~l iC Pood. <br />Upon considemai;ion w~ereof and on motkon of Mr. ~/ritton, it is ~esolved that <br />3Test [)rive in tile subdivision of Huth Gardens in 5Ianobestor <br /> <br />And be it furt~:,~r r~:~solved i:hat th; VirlIinia De,)artme~; of ]lkl~hways be and it <br />hereby iS requested to take into the ~ooollda~y Road system Of Chesterfield <br />Gallery, Mast. Drive, ie tile subdivision of Huth Gardens, in MancJ~esteF <br />51aqisterial District, from a TiC}et On Rt. 1650' .12 of a m}le Sotlth of Rt. 1652, <br />.13 of a mile w~st to Hey Road, which point is .15 of a mile south ~f tile <br />int~rsecti, on %viLli Rt. 1652. This road serves ~ houses. <br />And be it further resolved that the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br />Coonty ~Diarantees a right of way to the State DepaFtmont of [{i~hways of not <br />less than 50 feet fo~ this road. <br /> <br />This day tile County Road Lnlfineer ie accordance with directions from this <br />I%oard made report in writinfl ripen his exa~nination of Creel:chill Avenue and <br />Hopkins 5treet in the subdivision of Oran~:e }Jill in 51aioaca }~alfist, orial <br />District, which repo~t shows that in the opinion of the County Road En/~inear, <br />it is expedient that said ~oads be esLab]ished as publ ~c roads. <br />Upon consideration whereof and on motion of Dr. Gill., it is resolved that <br />OraIl~:ehil] Avenue and I{or~l(ins Street io tile subdivision of Oran~;e Hill <br />Matoaca Magisterial []ist~ict, be, and the same are hereby estab[ is}led as <br /> <br /> <br />