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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> [~oard of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on March ]5, <br /> 1955, at 8:00 <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br /> Mr. Irvin G. l{orner, Chairman <br /> Mr. M. T. Goyne <br /> Mr. Stanley R. }{ague. Jr. <br /> 1)r. Robt. 0. Gill <br /> Mr. J. P. Gunter <br /> Mr. R. J. Britton <br /> <br />The Chairman opens the meeting citing the fact that the Board was convened <br />to discuss with the general public the feasibility of an Authority for the <br />method of financing a sewer system in the northern part of the County. <br />Mr. Ernest ~ates speaks on the legal nature of the Sanitary District, and <br />rom an Authority. <br />~r. ~1aPk Smith f~om the F.%~, GFaigie Company. Financier, speaks in behalf of <br />the sanit~ry district method of financing, explaining the advantages of this <br />me tho d. <br /> <br />}~. Gill Matt~Fn speaks in behalf of the Authority method of financing. <br />%{. H. Galdwell, head of the Division of Planning and Economic Development <br />for the State of Virginia, speaks for the orderly growth of the County, saying <br />that the sewe~ system would be best for the .Guunty if left unrestricted as to <br />boundamies. <br /> <br />Mr. (;eocene 5hFopshiFe sDeaks for the Authority, citing its flexibility and <br />o the~ features. <br /> <br />M~. pinkney gowe~s, Chairman of the County Planning Commission, speaks fo~ the <br />Authority and suggests that the wa]eu system be included in the Authority. <br /> ~]F. F~ed Grant, SauitaFian fop County ]{ea] th Department. urges action, saying <br /> that the Health Department ha~ had to turn d6wn many requests for <br /> I~u~ld ~n~ project~. <br /> <br /> Mr. Robt. ~rooke, Investment }{anke~, from Richmond, speaks fo~ the County- <br /> wide sanitary district method. <br /> <br /> After a lengthy ~nestio~ a~d answer ~e~iod, ~r. ~ritton states to the audience <br /> that he has not a~ yet decided which method would be the bette~. <br /> <br /> 5'~. C~yne states that the people are most apathetic, that we must take time <br /> cons lde~ this <br /> <br /> Mr. C~nte~, speaks in favo~ of the Autko~ity, sayin~ ~hat in his opinion it is <br /> by fa~ the bottom method. <br /> <br /> ~r. }[a~ue says that no Dub]lo action had led hin~ to believe that haste is <br /> necessary. <br /> <br /> D~. ~ill states that Ettrick is proud of their sewer system a~d urges ~hat <br /> the County take action to prevent the ~ossib]e spread of typhoid, polio, and <br /> o thump diseases. <br /> <br /> ~. }{uPnett, speaks for the Authority citkn~ the fact that the water system <br /> at present is hampered by lack of capital money which situation would be <br /> alleviated under the Authority method of financing. <br /> <br /> Mr. Icvin ~{oFner speaks for the Authority citin~ the ~:rowth of the County <br /> <br /> 0n ~notion of ~F. Gunter, ~econded by Mr. B~itton, it is mesolved that this <br /> ~%o~rd take no act~:~ ~n this matter at this ti,ne. <br /> <br /> 0n motion of Mr. []rit~on, secnnded by ~. Goyne, it is vesolved that this <br /> ~{oaFd ~rant variance to P.L. Travis to allow him to locate one corner of a <br /> service station 3-]/2 feet from the east stde of Covington Road. <br /> <br /> 0n motion, the ~neet~n~ is adjourned nnti~ }4arch zg, 195~, at 8:00 <br /> <br />Secretary / <br /> <br />Chairman ~ <br /> <br /> <br />