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County Engineer be requested to tear clown the wooden tank only, leavin{; the <br /> i~on ~o~e~ kntac~, s~nce the ~ood wa~ deL~io~a~ing a hazardous <ondition. <br /> <br /> This day M~, Goyne ~quested some in~e~tLgation into the County's responsibi]it <br /> of putt, int[ Ii~hts on the But;ch Gap Water Tank, which matter was deferred fo~ <br /> forther study. <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. I~ritlo~, seconded by Mr. C~rlter, it is resolved that this <br /> l~oard grant to Mr. John F. McKenney a ~ariance of its buildin~ restrictions <br /> to allo~ the construction of a dwelling on Lot ~1, Section A of Stratford <br /> Hills, the side corner of which d~el]in~ would be only fiftee~ ~15) feet from <br /> the east ~id~ <br /> it )s hero noted that adjacent property owlets give their conseut in writinB. <br /> <br /> On motion of M~. }%~itton, seconded by F~r. Gunther, it is resolved that this <br /> l$oard grant ~o ~ir. M. L, Harris of 1808 Scottview Drive, a variance of its <br /> bui$ding restrictions to allow the construction of a ;:teen house 12-1/2 feet <br /> from either si~e line, provided that wrtttee consent be obtained from the <br /> adjacent property <br /> <br /> On moti,~n of Mr. [~itton, seconded by ~lr. Ha~ue, it ks resolved that thi~ <br /> l~oard gra~t to Mr. J. W. Payne, who lives on the Elkhardt lioad, a variance <br /> of ils boi]din{~ restrictinns to allow the addition of a room to his house, <br /> the side set back of said ad(lition being not ]ess than 3-]/2 feet from his <br /> s~de lille, ~t being u[~de~st~od that the adjacent property owner has consented <br /> in writiv~g to this ~ariance and that some re-arran~ement of the comn~on side <br /> line wi)] be effected to tl}e mutual benefit of both Darties. <br /> <br />This day the Executiwe Secretary/recorded the fact that t1~e County had receiv <br />a check in the amount of S53.5~Yfrom t~e Lea~-ue oF Virginia Counties, which <br />sum is a refund i~ the recent CF~P Telephone ~omDany ~ate case. <br /> <br />This day Mr. %~. p. Leonard presented a re(iuest in writieg, req~estin~ the <br />}{oar(]~s ap~)roval of the construction of a ~ater sys~em in Pocoshook Heights <br />Midloth~an District, with Provisio~s for deeding s~me to the County. it was <br />genera]ly a~;reed that the Commonwealth,s Attorney and the County En~$ineer <br />requested to draw up a contract iucorporating the general policies of the <br />Board hereto fore expressed. <br /> <br />On motio~ oF Mr. Hritton, seconded by Mr. C~nter, it is resolved that the <br />Executive Secretary be requested to write a letter to the City of Richmond <br />gi~ing the County's ap~roval of allowing Mr. Lewis Martin and others P~rmission <br />to constrnct a sewer line from the corporate limits of the City to property <br />located o~1 the north side of ~c(~uire Circle, which letter should be aOproved <br />by the Com~onwealth~s ~tlorn~y. <br /> <br />On motion ~f Mr, }{rktton, seconded by ~ir. C~nter, it is resolved that the <br />matter of bhe location of a trailer on pror~erty nwned by Mr. Vaden <br />ChesterField Gurdens be a~ain ref,~r~ed to the Health Department For investiga- <br /> <br />Ou motion, the meeting is adjourned to March ~1, 1955, at 7:~0 <br /> <br />Executive Secretary <br /> <br />Chairman <br /> <br /> <br />