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At an adjourned meetin~ of the <br />I]oard of ~;upervisors of <br />Chesterfield County, held at <br />the Courthouse on ~arch 31, <br />at 7:~0 p.m. <br /> <br />Irvin C.. Homer, Chairman <br />H. T. Goyne <br />Robt. 0. Gill <br />Stanley R. Hallue, Jr. <br />R, J, }~ritton <br />J. p. Gunter <br /> <br /> This (lay it was reported that the present, policy of collectin~ water bills was <br /> causin{.* some concern to County citizens. Upon consideration wheFeof amd on <br /> mo~ion of ~]r. Gill, seconded by ~[r. }{Fitton, iris resolved that the po]icy fop <br /> handlin{[ delinquent water bi]]s be and the same is hereby set as follows: <br /> <br /> A poi ire lettoP be sent to the water custo~rler as soon as Possible <br /> afteF the bill h~s become delinquent. On the ]0th of lhe follow- <br /> ing month if the bill remains unpaid, a follow-up ]ett(T will be <br /> sent which letieF wol~ld cite the fact that wate~ s~rv~ce would be <br /> d~contir,ued in ten (10) days tlnless the I)il] is naJd in <br /> If the bill is not paid at %he end of this ~e~iod, a representa- <br /> tive of the Watem Department will knock on the customer's door <br /> and a~tempt to notify her ~hat he is cu~tin~: off the war:er <br /> if the customeP offer's to nay the total I)i]], ~;]us $2.50 for tho sP~vice <br /> call, sa~d representative is authorized to accept the money and <br /> give a receip~ fop same. If the CtlS~omer ~s no~ at home, the <br /> %~ate~ Department~ rePro)sen%aLive is autho~Lzed to discontinue <br /> the water service at that time. <br /> <br /> And ])e it fumther Fesolved that the Wate~ Department representative doin~ this <br /> work is to be sufficiently bonded. <br /> <br />This day the Executive SecPetary read tentative allocations for PFimary moads <br /> in Chesterfield Coon%y, which ~eDoPt is received and filed. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary ~o%ifie~ the }{card that certain advertising <br />is beinK done by the Vir6~inia Electric ~ PoweF Company, which advertising <br />showed th(~ advantage of industrial ~ites in Chesterfield County. <br /> <br />This day the ~xecutive Secl'etaPy ~ead a ]et%e~ Fronl M~. ~. E. Piing, <br />asd Supe~in'tendent of %he Petersbur~-Hopewell Ga~ Company, requesting the <br />County's appPoval of ~he installation of certai~ ~as lines in ~e~muda District. <br />It was ~enerally a~Feed that ~his matter ~e delayed until the next meetin~ <br />and the A~}cutive SecFetu~y is asked to ~equest ~Ir. Piing ~o contact Mr. ~oyne, <br />Supervisor of said l)istric~. <br /> <br />This day the Rlchm()nd ({ua~te~mas~er Depot requested by wri~in~ the County's <br />approval foF the ~mprovement of ThiFd Avenue in Patl(}~n Park ~ubdivision so <br />that said Depot could ~aiu access to its futume sewera{~e t~eatment ~la~]t eas~ <br />of said location, said im~rovement ~o be the installation of adequate culverts <br />and ~:raveled two inches to a width of 12 feet, and <br /> <br />%~h~Feas, the Hil~hway DepaFtmon~ has been requested to ilnl%Ff~ve .2 Of a mile <br />or1 Thivd Aven~e. <br /> <br />Now~ Therefore. ~{e it ResoJved on motion of ~i~. ~oyne, seconded by }]~. <br />that this ]{oaFd requ~.~t the Highway Department to improve .D of a mile on <br />Thimd Avenue to mee~ the specifications of %he }Ii~lhway I)epaFiment. p~ovided <br />i. ntorested parties will nay their' npoport, ionate cart and same is char,~ed to <br />the 3~ Road Fund of the <br /> <br />0n motion of FI~. ]{Fitton, seconded hy 5~. (kmter, it is resolved that <br />reso]u%io~ dated March Zg, 1955, concerni,~g Mr. L~wis ~artin~s proposal to <br />instal] seweFa~e fFom ~he City of Richmnnd to his pFoperty in ~cC~rie Circle, <br />be and the same is hereby rescinded. <br /> <br />0n mot[on of Mr. Bri%ton. secoeded by ~Ip. GunteP, it is resolved that the <br />E~ecutive SecmetaFy be requested to write a letter to the City of Richmond <br />~iving the County.s approval of alIowin~ Mr. kRwis ~.~rtin and the City of <br />[{~ch~oi~d Der,nission to construct a seweF l kne f~o,n the corpoFats ~imits of <br />the City to prooe~ty located on the noFth side of MoGuire Circle, which <br />letter ~hall include Section 3. Para!~I'aph C-5ub-Paral~ra~)h 1 (e), of a <br />resolution Numbe~ ~I-SR6;~. adopted by the Richmond City Council Septemb,~ <br />2~, ]951. which Section r(}ads a~ <br /> <br /> "(e) The applicant shall secure f~om the gove~n~e~ <br /> of %he County into which the wa~e[ of sewe~ sePvice <br /> is to be extended a written statement to the effect <br /> that (1) the County does not desire to make such <br /> extensions; ([}) the County autho~}ze the consiroction <br /> of such extension, and (iii) the County authorizes ~he <br /> City or the tfrantee ~o maintain such expression." <br /> <br /> <br />