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VZRG1NIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> ltoard of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on April ?, !955, <br /> at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br /> Presoot: i~bs slit: <br /> <br /> Mr. Irt. in (;. llorner, 0hairman Fir. J. p. Gunter <br /> Fir. H. T. C~yne <br /> ~F. Stanley R. Hague, J~. <br /> Dr. Robt. 0. Gill <br /> M~. R. O. <br /> <br />This day Mr. ~'red Gray, Mr. Mullen, Mr, Erdman and others represemtin~ the <br />Experiments, Inc., came before the Board to request a ohamf~e in the O~unty~s <br />Fireworks Ordinance, ~o allow said Company to manufacture pyrotech~ics. <br />Commomwealth~s Attorney pmesented a new o~dinance, and upon consideration <br />whereof aod om mo~ion of ~. ~oyne, seconded by ~dr. ~ritton, it is resolved <br />that the followin~ ordinance ~s ~dopted o~ an emePKency basis. <br />It is here rooted that Dr. (k~ll votes "No". <br /> <br /> AN ORDINANCE tO regulate the trarlsportation, manufacture, possess- <br /> ion, stoFa~e, use, sate, of f cF for sale or e~posuFe fo~ sale of <br /> fireworks and to Fepeal imconsistent o~dinances im 0heste~field <br /> Oounty, <br /> <br /> ~E iT ORDAINAD ;%y THE I~OARD 0F SUPERVISORS 0F CHESTERFIELD COUNTY <br /> as follows: <br /> <br /> Section 1- Excmpt as otherwise p~ovided i~ this o~dinance, <br /> shall be t~nlawful fop a~ly poison, firm or co~poration to <br /> manufacture, stops, sell , of leu fo~ sa]e, exl~ose foF sa]e, or to <br /> buy, use~ i~ni~e o~ exolode any fiFecracke~s, %o~edo~ skyFooket, <br /> <br /> Section 2- '~is 0~dinanoe shall have no application ~o any <br /> or membe~ of the a~med fo~ees of this State, o~ of the United States, <br /> while acting within th. scope of his authoFity and duties as such, <br /> no~ to any offer of sale o~ sale of fireworks to any authorized a~ent <br /> of such aFmed forces; nom shall it be apolioable to the manufacture, <br /> sto~a~e, possessio~l, sale o~ use of materials o~ equipmemt, <br /> prohibited by this 0~dioance, when such material or equipment is used <br /> o~ to be [lsed by any peFson fo~ si~nallin~ o~ emergency use in the <br /> operation of any boat, railroad train or other vehicle for the tFans- <br /> portin~ of persons or p~ope~ty. <br /> <br /> Section 3- '~e Board of SupeFvisors of Ohesterfield Ooun~y shall <br /> h~ve the power to issue permits, upon application in ~,~it%n~ fo~ <br /> the d[spla~ of firework~ by fai~ associations, amusemen~ pa~ks, <br /> by any o~anlzation om ~oup of indLviduals, unde~ such terms and <br /> <br /> assoc~atio~l, or~antzatio~ o~ ~oup ~,~ which it is issued may make USO <br /> <br /> 5eoti~n ~- ~is OFdinance shall not apply to spaFkle~s, pha~oah~s <br /> DlStOlS~ I)or shall it apply to pinwheels commonly <br /> known as whi~}igi~:s or ~,~innLng jennies, when used, }~nited <br /> exploded on r~rivale property with the consent of the owner of such <br /> P~oDerty. <br /> <br /> Section 5- Any person,, fi~m oF corporatio~, violat%n~ anw <br /> <br /> ~han ten (10.~)0) Dollars no~ more than three Hun(iFed Dollars <br /> or by imprisonment in jail not more than thirty (]0) (Jays, or ~)y both such <br /> <br /> Sect[,)~] 6- All Ordinances o~ parts of Ordinances in c~)~f~ <br /> <br /> An ,uner~ency exists and this 0~dinance shall be in force from <br />the date of its <br /> <br />M~. Hugh GunteF and others p~esented a potitioo a~ainst the p~oposed con- <br /> <br />tion whereof a~d oz~ moti~)r~ of ~. ~itton, seconded by })r. ~ill, it <br />~esulved that this letter of opposition be filed with the ~toard~s pa~e~s. <br />it a~ ~:en,~Pally a~Feed that the build[nC permit should be denied. <br /> <br />0n motion of Mr. Hague, seconded by D~. (;ill, it is ~esolved that <br />~pectficut[ons within a per[od of Iwelve months. <br /> <br /> <br />