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~IRG~: At an adjourned meetin~ of ~he <br /> Board of Supervisors o£ <br /> Chesterfield County, hel~ at <br /> the Courthouse on Aprii <br /> 1955, at 7:30 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. irvin G. Homer, Chairman <br />Mr. 11. T. Goyne <br />Mr. Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br />])r. Robt. O. ~ill <br />Mr. R. J. I{ritton <br />51r. J. P. Crunter <br /> <br />This day Nit. D. W. ~lurphey, representing ~'Irs. Cecil T. Chappelle, came before <br />the l{oard again requesting a buildinC permit on a 12.5-foot lot .on }~utte Road, <br />and <br />Whereas, the building; would be faced on a private drive, and said buildin~ <br />constructed on the rear of said lot, and <br />Whereas, numerous complainte have been received from ~he citizens in the <br />general nei~huorhood concerning the proposed construction of said building, and <br />~hereas, it was stated that another buildin~ was planned to be erected on the <br />f~-ont part of ~he same lot, in which case the bui].di~]g on the rear of' said lot <br />would be on a private road. <br />Upon consideration whereof, ~r. Gunter offered the following motion: <br />That this I{oard, acting as a t~uilding Committee, deny the request of Mrs. <br />Cecil 'F. Ghappelle for a building permit, which motion died for the wa~lt of a <br />second , ~ <br />The Commonwealth's Attorney advised the }~oard that there was no law by which <br />this pea'mit could be denied. Whereupon, 5~r. Britton stated he would like very <br />much to or)pose the issuance of a building permit in this ca~e, however, in <br />view of the Commonwealth Attorney,s rulin~ he could not do so. <br /> <br />Upon furgher consideration and on mot[on of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Hr. Hague, <br />it is resolved that on advice of the I&oard's counsel, this }{oard acting as a <br />}~u[ldin~. Committee doth hereby aulhorize the Buildin.g Inspector to issue the <br />requested permit. <br /> <br />it is here noted that ~Ir. ~;unter and ~Ir. Homer vote "No". <br /> <br />'[his day ~lr. Ruehl, ~lr. Talcott and Mr. 5medbury, from the firm of R. Stuart <br />Royer and ~kssociates, camebefo~-e the ~%oard to propose the improvement of the <br />water system. <br /> <br />~r. Ruehl stat;ed that his firm would complet(~ this work on a fee basis or cost <br />pi. us basis. <br /> <br />This day Mr. Louis l.ongest and ~Ir. W. C. Trueheart came before the l{oard <br />requesting that the ]{card grant the Company of Trueheart, Bar,left, and Longest, <br />permission to extend the se~,er lines in the Morrisdale area to serve ten (10) <br />lots in the Forest Glenn Subdivision, which ten I~S will riot pass percolation <br />tests. <br />Mr. Longest guaranteed the maximum number of connections on the sewerage <br />treatment plant would not be exceeded accordin/~ ~o the original specifications. <br />{Iron consideration who. reef and on motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by blt. Gunter, <br />it is resolved that this |%card approve the request and enlarge tile existing <br />contract to include ten lots in the ~'orest Glenn section. <br /> <br />This day Mr. R. Kenneth Weeks, from the firm of Causey and Weeks, Norfold, <br />Virginia, came before the ltoard to explain the procedure by which his Company <br />would study the necessary improvment to the County water system. Mr. Weeks <br />stated that his Company could start immediately, tha~they would set up an <br />office in the area and would require approximately four months time to complete <br />a preliminary report, said preliminary report to cost approximately $11,500.00. <br />~Ir. Weeks stated that the overall cost of final plans would range between <br /> ~ ~ ,!' <br />~-~-,~ and 6,~ of the cost of the improvement. <br /> <br />It is here noted that ~rlr. Shropshire, County Engineer, recommends the firm <br />of Causey and Weeks. <br /> <br />l~e l~oard agreed to delay consideration of this matter until a future meeting. <br /> <br />'l'his day a list: of road additions approved by the Highway Department was read <br />and filed with the ~{oard's paD,~rs. <br /> <br />Additions <br /> <br />Resolution <br /> <br />Wray Street- I%eginning at the end of maintenance of Rt. <br />1617, 0.20 Mi. E. of Rt. 1 and extending in an easterly <br />direction 0.04 5]i. to dead end. <br />Length 0.04 Mile <br /> <br />3-8~55 <br /> <br />We~t Street.- 15eginning at int. Rt, 1626 and 1679 and <br />ru~ning N. 0.06 Mi. to dead end. <br />Length 0.06 Mile <br /> <br />3-8-55 <br /> <br /> <br />