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VIRGINIA: At all adjourned meeting of the <br /> l~oard of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on April 28, <br /> 1955, at ~:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />~lr. irvin G. Horner, Chairman <br />~lr. H. T. Goyne <br />}Ir. J. p. Gunter <br />})rd. Robt. 0. (~ill <br />Mr. Stanley [(. }{ague, Jr. <br />Mr. R. J. l{ritton <br /> <br />This day there appeared before tile 13card Mr. P. L. Wallace, residing on <br />Aberdeen Road in ~nchester District, requesting the Board to grant a variance <br />in the building restrictions and allow him to construct a garage two (2) <br />feet f~om his Fear property line. Mr. Wallace presented a letter from the <br />Trustees of the I{e~ean ]~aptis~ Church statin~ that they had no objection to <br />thks request. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of ~F. ~Fitton, <br />secon~led Dy Mr. ilu~e, it is ~eso]ved that ~lF. Wallace be ~ranted a variance <br />in the buildin~ ro~t;rictkons Lo permit the construction of a garage five (5) <br />fee~ f~om the rear property line. <br /> <br />This (lay Mr. John Poarch arid 5Ir. Coleman came before the Board requesting a <br />w~ria~,ce to construct a dwelling, the footing of which has ,)een dug twelve <br />(12) feet from his side property line on a lot fronting on Riverview Drive in <br />Nanchester l)istrict, which area is zoned Residential-l, and pre~ented a letter <br />from ~lr. Nenben Grandis stating that he had no objections to the granting of <br />~his variance. [;non consideration whereof, and on motion of ~lr. l{ritton, <br />~ec,,nded by )ir. Gunter, it is resolved that the requested variance from the <br />County's l)uilding restrictions be .Kranted to l%lessr~. Poarch and Coleman to <br />erect a d~e]linl~ fronting on Riverview Drive not less than twelve (12) feet <br />from hks side property line. <br /> <br />'l't%is (lay .qr. ,~'. C. Cheatham, Jr., of Midlothian District, requesting., in <br />writing a variance to allow the construction of a chicken house within thirty <br />(30) feet of his front property line on Rt. 787. <br />On motion of Mr. C. unier, seconded by Mr. ltritton, iris z~esolved that the <br />request of ]'.Ir. Ch~,atham be granted and ~his }{card grant a variance in its <br />zonkng restrictions to allow the construction of a chicken house %,ithin <br />thirty (30) fe~,.t of his front property. <br /> <br />'Ibis day the Executive Secretary read a letter from Nr. Jos. ~1. Moore, <br />reqnesting tile County's permission to authorize the installation of a water <br />line in I~eulah Village, a new subdivision in Dale District, and to use <br />temporarily a well which h~d been drilled apl~roximately 600 feet deep yet having <br />only six gallons per re}flute water supp].y, and requested further that tie be <br />allowed to serve the twelve (12) houses already sold provided he be allowed <br />[o dig another well in a different location, giving; tile same guarantee on the <br />new well that existed or! the old well. An attempt was made by telephone ~o <br />request tile presence of ~%tr. Moore, which failed, and it was ge~lerally a(~reed <br />that this matter be referred to a future ,neetin~ of tile }{card. <br /> <br />This (lay tile ~x~cutive Secretary read a letter from Mr. Ralph }{. l]udley, seeking <br />to ascert~lin the }%card's policies on the ,grantin~,~ of building permits on <br />i)usiness property throu{~h which a nrooosed Fit~]~% of way ]60 feet in width is <br />~)1 armed. <br />The property in question is the northeast COFIleF of ~ic~tl[Fe Manor, frontkng <br />I{t. ]0. U[)oll .consideration whereof and on motion of I)F. Gill, seconded by <br />2qr. }~F[tton, it is resolved that the ~.xecutive Secretary l)e requested to w~-ite <br />to the I{it[hway Ill, Dali,me,It to asc{~v~ain whether o~ not said Department a~Fees <br />with the p~o'[,osed 160 i'eot Fight of way and whets]er oF riot said Department <br />will I)urchase said ]i~l'~d in the event of buildin{I permit anDlications. <br /> <br />]'his (lay the Executive Decretary re,luesLed the appreval of the l%oard of the <br />Durcl,i~se of tile Ueyer i)u?)licator for the totcll l~r'ice of ~295.].0. Upon <br />considera~i:)~ whereof a~d on motion of ~}r. (hinter, seconded by Mr. Ha.~,ue, it <br />is rest)Ired that the F.'xecutive Secreta~r-y be authorized to purchase the Heyer <br />Duplicator i~l the ~mount of $295.]0. <br /> <br />The day the Executive Secretary informed the }{card that a letter had been <br />received from the State Water Oentrol I{oard requesting some representative at <br />a meetint; to he held ~lay 2(), 1955. The 0omm;~nwea]th's Attorney informed the <br />l%oard that he wa~ make fnrther prelimi~]ary studies of the matter, a~d the <br />Connty Engineer stated that he had not as yet ascertained the cost of co~structid, l <br />a sewer line betwee~ kttrick and the City of Petershur'g. ~i~(;e this is tile <br />one remaininl,.' cost to be obtained, it was .~.enerally a~Ireed that this matter <br />~)e defe~-red until lqay 10, 1955, at which tim~? all figures and l)~'oposals will <br />i)e availab]e for consileration. <br /> <br />This day Mr. Goyne re(lu~l, ed some ruling on tile selling of certain fireworks <br />in the County due to the emergency passaL~e of the new fireworks ordinance, <br />'l~e Co~nrn,)nwealth's ~ttorney rnled that under the existing ordinance certain <br />types of fireworks were nog covered and could be offered for sale. It was <br />generally u~reed that this matter wo~l].d r'eceive further study when the <br />ordinance c~)nles before the l{oard for final ~)assage. <br /> <br /> <br />