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Present: <br /> <br />~lr. Irv[n G. t{orner, 0ha]tmon <br />~tr. H. T. (;eyrie <br />Mc. J. P. Gunter <br />Mr. it. j. Stilton <br />Dr. Robt. O. t;ill <br />Mr. Stanley R. Hague. Jr. <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meetin~ of <br /> [~oard of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, h~ld at <br /> the Courthouse on May 24, <br /> at ?:30 p.m. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary presented to the t~oapd a list of amounts <br />paid to the various volunteer fir,? department and/or other agencies representing <br />the area, which amounts were for the sale of County auto license tags. <br /> <br />'l%zis day ~lr. iEl~)ept Summa, County Building inspector, appeared before the <br />}:%card and cit,~d tho fact that the propose(] prefabcicated houses to be constru~t- <br />ed in the We~ltworCh Home Sites, [{ermuda l)istrict, meet with his approval and <br />recommends to the Board that building permits be i~sued for said houses. <br />consideration wheceof and on motic)n of Mr. C. oyne, seconded by Mr. [~ritton, it <br />[s resolved that the request of Fir. Mclntyre, peppes,-~nting the ~outhwest <br />Vir~linia Construction Com~)any, for building permits fop 2~ prefabricated <br />houses be and the same ape hereby ~ranted. <br /> <br />This day the i~esi,'leut ~.ngineer of the Vir~ina Department of ltighways, <br />Ko]lam, came before the Board and ,~resented a detailed location and costs of <br />a ] i. st of pupal r,)afts in the County. After consi(lera',)]e (liscussion it is <br />reso]v(!d o1~ motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Mr. }ir]itoh, that this <br />requ,,st tile lli/~,hway Department to take in the followin~ roads under its Rural <br /> <br />Taylor Road <br /> <br /> Clover Hill District <br />Length 0.2~ Mi. Serves 3 £a.dlies. Cedi $2000.00 <br />}%eginning at a point on Rt.695, 1.00 Mi. West of Rt. 621 <br />and extending in a ~ ,nerthernly~r diz~ection 0.50 ~]i. to a <br />dead end. <br /> <br />Midlothian District <br /> <br />I~ailey ~oad <br /> <br />Length 0.20 Mi.. Serves 2 families. Cost $450.00 <br />}½e~-inn'[ng at a point on Rt. 60, 0.15 Mi. West of Rt. 677 <br />and extending in a southea-ternly direction 0.20 Mi. <br />to a dead end. <br /> <br />Road %~est of ~t. ?07 <br /> <br />Length 0.18 Mi. Serves 7 families. Cost $1400.00. <br />Begin~]ing at the southern end of Rt. ?07 and extenciing <br />in a wester~]ly direction 0.]~ dead end. <br /> <br />Manchester District <br /> <br />Preston i(oad - Length 0.~5 Mi. Serves 6 families. 0est $1070.00. <br /> [~eginning at a point on Rt. 10, 0.20 Mi. north of Rt. 1641, <br /> extending ku a southeasterly direction 0.26 Mile to Rt. 16~1, <br /> ~t Lbo ~ntersection of Rt. <br /> <br />~l~tche]t l~oad - Length 0.~3 ~li~le. Serves 3 famtl, ies. 0est S1720.00 <br /> }{eg[n,~n~ at a point on Rt. 6~3 at the intersection of Rt. 678, <br /> extending in a southeasterly direct[on 0.,~D Mi. to a dead end, <br /> <br />Bermuda llistrkct <br /> <br />Beakley Stre~t- l, en{:th 0,22 Mile. Serves 3 families. Cost $1050.00 <br /> }~,eginnin~~, at a point on Rt. ], 0.0~ south of Rt. 6OB, extendi~g <br /> in a westernly d~rp, ction 0122 mile to intersect lit. 1407 and <br /> ]412 at a point 0.08 mi. South of Rt. 698. <br /> <br />Road <br /> <br />- Length 0.20 Mi. serves 7 families. Cost 5150.3.00 <br /> Beg[nn~nl; at a ,)oint on Rt, 144, 1.35 Mi. south of Rt. ?06. <br /> extending in a northeasternly direction 0.20 Mi. to a dead en~[. <br /> <br />Friend Road <br /> <br />Length 0.18 Mi. Serves 4 families. Cost $660100. <br />[~eginuini~ at a point on Rt. 61~, 0.22 .~i. East of Rt. ]45, <br />exteudi,~g i~ ~ southerly direction 0.12 Mi. to a dead end. <br /> <br />Dale District <br /> <br />Zion llill Church Rd. - Length 0.15 Mi. Serves q families. Cost $300.00. <br /> [,~ing' at a point oil ltl. 6'43, 0.05 Mt. ~est of Rt. 10, <br /> extending in a southernly directiDn 0.]5 5~i. to a d~ad end. <br /> <br />Ward Road <br /> <br />l. ength 0.10 Mi. Se~ves 2 families. Cost %630.00. <br />[%eginnini~. at a Deist on Ri. 145, 0.20 Mi. to west of Rt. ]44, <br />extendiHg in a souther~]ly direction 0.]0 Mi. to dead end. <br /> <br /> <br />